A joke, revisions and a mini rant

Condoms aren’t completely safe. A friend of mine was wearing one and got hit by a bus. ~Bob Rubin I needed a laugh, and thought I’d share that quote. OK, so revisions are a PIA. Or let me qualify that. Going through my CP’s crits and taking what I want and making the notes is a PIA. Don’t get me wrong, I love my CP’s, :sunggle:they really catch crap, it’s just tedious work, sifting through it, especially when one of them (clearing throat Edie Ramer :page:) has a fixation with the color red. Mucho thanks ladies, you know I like… Read more »

Done, finished, complete!

Today is a great day. I completed my first draft of GOOD GIRL GONE BAD. :party: I’m already up to my armpits in revisions. I like this story and the characters. It’s strong, sexy and fast paced. Well, there are few sloggy areas, but they will get axed in the revisions process. So many loose ends to tie up, and so little time. I was really hoping to have this to my editor next week, but it looks like I’ll come in at the agreed upon delivery date of November. The good news is, I can write on cue. Even… Read more »

Pressure cooker

OK, so, I’m heading down the home stretch with GGGB. Despite the fact that my husband and sons are in season (football) so the earth stops and Mom, yes me, has to pick up all of the slack or they don’t’ eat or wear clean clothes. Basically since it’s school and football from the time the sun rises to its setting either I feed them and play Mom to the hilt or they die of starvation and go to school stinking up the place.:wallbash: So, I hired my 22 year old daughter (22 tomorrow) to cook three nights a week,… Read more »

Sex: Insert here

“One thing I’ve learned in all these years is not to make love when you really don’t feel like it; there ‘s probably nothing worse you can do to yourself than that.” Norman Mailer It’s also in my opinion, the worst thing you can do to a great story. I’ve read too many so called sexy books where sex is injected at random with no thought given to the characters readiness or the readers intelligence. I truly believe it’s because of these types of stories erotic romance gets a bad rap even from within the romance genre as a whole.… Read more »

I’m baaaaack

Ain’t I sexy? Thank you Justin Knupp! :cheerleader: More on Justin’s media company when I have more info. But I can tell you this much, if you want anything customized as in this blog, a web site designed and built from scratch, he ‘da man. If he didn’t shoot me, a puter dummy of the highest order, then he can survive anyone. So stand by for his site addy. Since I write Hot Cops, which equates to erotic romance, I figured it was only fair of me to share some fun sexy facts and fiction along with my new look.… Read more »