Pressure cooker

September 20, 2005 | Karin's Blog | 3 comments

OK, so, I’m heading down the home stretch with GGGB. Despite the fact that my husband and sons are in season (football) so the earth stops and Mom, yes me, has to pick up all of the slack or they don’t’ eat or wear clean clothes. Basically since it’s school and football from the time the sun rises to its setting either I feed them and play Mom to the hilt or they die of starvation and go to school stinking up the place.:wallbash:
So, I hired my 22 year old daughter (22 tomorrow) to cook three nights a week, do my weekly grocery shopping, and run errands.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m lucky to be able to afford her and luckier still she’s agreeable (she’s graciously working me in between classes and work [Did I mention I had to kick in a new room do? New sheets, comforter, mattress, furniture, and beaded walk in closet doorway?]). It was worth it. A load of pressure has been lifted off my shoulders. :elephant:It was starting to get to me. Deadlines, cooking, my office, and just life in general. I felt like James Bond in one of those rooms where the evil psychopath pushes a button and the walls start closing in from all angles. I’m so glad I didn’t get pulverized. So, here I am, happily blogging, and nearly done with my first draft of Good Girl Gone Bad.
So this entire blog brings me to this question: When you absolutely have to write and the world (IE our beloved families) conspire against us, what do you do? How do you persevere?
Writing on,


  1. Steph T.

    hey Karin –

    The auction for your wonderful crit ends tonight – and I need your email so I can send you something…when you get a chance, can you shoot me a note?


  2. Amy

    Stay up late and sacrifice sleep, although my hubby does a great job of picking up my slack even when I’m not writing. :cooldance:

  3. Karin

    bwahahah, Amy, that’s what I’m doing tonight.
    I have a nice cab I’m sipping while writing, ‘er um, blogging. Going to write soon, yes, very soon.
    Steph, glad to help Larrisa.

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