Let’s Plarty!

November 10, 2005 | Karin's Blog | 2 comments

But first this tidbit.
“For flavor, instant sex will never supercede the stuff you have to peel and cook.” Quentin Crisp

OK, so about the plarty (Plot+Party=Plarty). I’m giving my first ever workshop next week on Lori Devoti’s plotting loop. Plotting loop you say? But Karin, you are a confirmed pantser, what got into you? Um, deadlines, organization, the reality of knowing manic bouts at the keyboard are not conusive to my 45 pages a week production goal. Hey, I need to know where the hell I’m going. So, with the help of Shelly Bates who introed me to her plotting method (along with a few tweaks of my own), I have skulked over to the dark side. I plot. BUT! I leave lots and lots of room for my characters to change the course I have chartered for them.
So, go to Lori’s site and sign up for her plotting loop. I think we’re gonna have some fun.
Oh, see below for the blurb. :mrgreen:
Let’s Plarty

A funny thing happened to this pantser after she sold. She couldn’t write. She was frozen, stumped, migraines became a daily visitor. She choked.
For all of the years I strived for publication, I wrote regularly, but on my terms. I began a story with a germ of an idea, my characters fairly fleshed out and a few good scenes burning to be written. Usually, I began my story in the wrong place and by the sagging middle, I could, without pressure, mull my way to The End. This method usually required heavy rewriting. My stories generally meandered and well, while there were some really good scenes, these stories usually needed to be cut by 20-30 K words. Writing 20-30 K words in my life now equals time, my very valuable writing time, time I don’t have to waste on one single word, much less thousands.
I learned quickly that deadlines don’t bode well for casual mulling. Deadlines don’t bode well for beginning your story in the wrong place with leisure time to dabble, tweak and rewrite multiple times. Rewrites that ultimately dilute your story.
After weeks of staring blankly at my computer screen, and the beginnings of an ulcer due to massive does of aspirin, I knew what I had to do. Plot. (J I don’t cringe when I type it or say it out loud anymore.) Plotting does not come naturally to this pantser, but thanks to Shelley Bates, I discovered the kewlest thing.
A plotting party. Here’s what you’ll need.
A day with no outside interferences, a couple of really smart writer minds, a few specific office supplies, munchies, and most of all: enthusiasm coupled with the will to plot the next NY Times best seller!
Stick around and find out how to utilize this sure fire plan of not only plotting your story, but developing your characters GMC’s along the way.

🙂 Write on,


  1. Allison Brennan

    Well, I had more fun than anyone I think, but guess what book I’m writing? That’s it … NOT the one we “plotted.”

    But in terms of knowing the beginning of the book I shouldn’t be writing, I couldn’t have started without bouncing those ideas off you guys and Natalie’s GREAT suggestion about my villain . . .

  2. Karin

    If the truth be told, Allison, I like the one you’re writing now better than the one we plotted.
    Can’t wait to read it.

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