November 18, 2005 | Karin's Blog | 3 comments

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 100 million acts of sexual intercourse each day. wow, that’s a lot of hum….

Ok so it’s been one of those weird quiet/busy/where has the week gone? weeks. I did my first ever workshop on Lori Devoti’s plot spot loop. It went OK, I have some wrinkles to smooth out, but I think a few people may have actually gotten something they could use out of it, so that’s a good thing. I had a really good conversation with my agent Kim yesterday. She rocks and I’m so glad to have her on my side. I also submitted a blurb to Hilary for my next novella for the Aphrodisia line. Keeping fingers crossed she loves it. Hubby had arthoscopic surgery yesterday and is doing quite well. I also had a chat with the romance expert, Judy, at my local Barnes & Noble today regarding a signing in February. Myself, NAL and Aphrodisia author Renee Luke along with Brava author Sylvia Day are doing a whirlwind 3 day book signing tour the weekend of Feb 10-12. We plan on hitting the Bay Area hard. I’ll post the stores, dates and times when we get that all nailed down.

Tomorrow I am gutting my office. It’s time–agian. I’m feeling claustrophobic and I can’t concentrate on writing when things are growing around me that should be in a petrii dish, not on my desk or inside of my coffee cup. So tomorrow, clean office.
Lot’s of good things are happening for people I know. My friend Rae Monet is getting incredible interest in her BLOOD SQUAD story, it is by far her best work to date, oh, check out her Blood Squad site. I love this! I want one. And I’m getting one, Justin and I are going to be verking very closely in zee near future. I have an exciting idea for my own series, and can’t wait to launch the site. My CP Edie is getting some big send-me-the-full-now! requests from some top notch agents on her book DEAD PEOPLE. I love it. Edie your humor rocks!
Ok, so that’s my week in a nutshell, I could go into long borign details, but do you really want to hear all of that? Didn’t think so.

I am going to go on a rant though, probably Sunday about the upcoming holidays. Grinch is my middle name.
Write on!



  1. Amy

    Glad I tuned in to your blog so I could hear you had a good talk with Kim. *ahem* :evil2:

  2. Karin

    😳 my bad

  3. Edie Ramer

    Now I see what you were talking about with Amy and your talk with Kim. :useyourhead: Life’s been busy and a little crazy lately. Ain’t it good? :mrgreen:

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