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November 23, 2005 | Karin's Blog | 1 comment

I just bought my turkey. A 20 pounder. I hope the Butterball is thawed by Thursday. Can someone say procrastinate? Ha! I still have all of the trimmings to buy. I’m wondering if I can bribe my daughter. I don’t mind the cooking part, it’s the shopping part, the getting the house ready part, the pressure part, the I have to clean up the freakin mess after everyone is gone part, the hardest is the I want to write not entertain part. The holidays do it to me every year. I’m Grinch and my husband is freakin Saint Nick! I want to spend Christmas morning catching up on my sleep, he wants to be downstairs at the crack of dawn with the kids (it’s not like they are babies anymore 15,19,22,& 25), the dogs and the cat unwrapping the gazillion presents he insisted I buy so he had something to open Christmas morning. Argh, someone just pour me a cup of coffee and let me wake up–slowly. And he wants to take pictures? Paleese.
Ay yi yi yi, I just gave myself a headache thinking about it all.
Write on, and if I don’t chat with y’all before, have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy the precious time with your family, in spite of all of the carziness, I know I will.


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  1. Edie Ramer

    I enjoyed Thanksgiving…not cooking anything. The same with Christmas. :cooldance: I make up for it on the other holidays though.

    Hope your day was wonderful. :mickeymouse:

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