A Christmas diddy

‘Twas the night before deadline and all through the book not a plot was emerging no beginning, no hook My characters were boring too stupid too live my hero liked whoring a shit I could give I starred at the page all white and still blank my emotions near rage my book all but sank When outside the house I heard such a clatter I jumped from the computer to see what was the matter There in the street I saw such a sight a big brown truck with one, no, two white lights The driver was male and all… Read more »

THE HARD STUFF in stores now!

:cheerleader::cooldance::elephant::jumping::party::hello2::beer::woot: It’s true! My good friend Allison Brennan who has her own book, THE PREY, coming out on the 27th of this month, showed up at my house Saturday night for an evening of holiday revelry, toting a copy of THE HARD STUFF she picked up at her local Borders. Yay!!!!! It was my pleasure to sign. She also brought with her a copy of THE PREY, pour moi. Awesome read ladies and gents. Go buy it, and while you’re at it pick up a copy of the green man, THE HARD STUFF. That was exciting to announce. Now on… Read more »

Stay the Course

I just wanted to say to everyone who is in query mode to keep at it. I spent Friday night at a signing with fellow authors, Susan Grant, Rae Monet, Bella Andre, Carolyn Jewel, Rachelle Chase and Josie Brown (author of TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES, which I read in one sitting, so what does that tell you? A recommended read from Karin). Anyhoo, a few of us had dinner afterward and well, we talk, and this whole getting published thing, it depends on a few things. The first of course being the obvious: you have to write a good story, but… Read more »

Winding down…

A lot has been going on here in Tabke world. A lot of waiting. Actually, my house has been winding down from football, the only casualty being my eldest son’s broken leg. Number two son’s team went undefeated. They were awesome. Of course they had a great coach last year (hubby) who melded them as one, and luckily they had coaches smart enough this year to keep them together. Speaking of hubby, he had a frustrating season. Lots of kids with heart but most with no football experience. They learned a lot from him and his staff this year and… Read more »

What a Night!!!!

Last night, my friends and I went to a Ladies Night Club. One of the girls wanted to impress the rest of us, so she pulled out a $10 bill. When the male dancer came over to us, my friend licked the $10 bill and stuck it to his butt cheek! Not to be outdone, another friend pulls out a $20 bill. She calls the guy back over, licks the $20 bill, and sticks it to his other butt cheek. In another attempt to impress the rest of us, my third friend pulls out a $50 bill and calls the… Read more »