Winding down…

December 6, 2005 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

A lot has been going on here in Tabke world. A lot of waiting. Actually, my house has been winding down from football, the only casualty being my eldest son’s broken leg. Number two son’s team went undefeated. They were awesome. Of course they had a great coach last year (hubby) who melded them as one, and luckily they had coaches smart enough this year to keep them together. Speaking of hubby, he had a frustrating season. Lots of kids with heart but most with no football experience. They learned a lot from him and his staff this year and are eager to play next year. Hubby is one of those coaches who when a player he coached years ago sees him out and about town come bounding up to him like an oversized puppy, yelling, “Coach! Coach!” at the top of their lungs. Hubby is enveloped in a bear hug and the boys, usually towering over him, are grinning ear to ear. It’s enough to bring tears to my eyes. I can’t honesty say I’ve ever touched another human being quite the way he has. And it isn’t just one or two players, it’s dozens. Thinking about it right now, I think I’m jealous.
The man has the touch, he has the gift of eloquence and he amazes me with his patience, insight and intelligence. Of course his patience with people who annoy him is non existent, but as a coach, he is one of the special ones. He is a true teacher, and he teaches more than football. He teaches respect, hard work ethic, pride and values. Out of all of the coaches my sons have had over the years in football, baseball, wrestling and basketball, and there have been too many to count, only one coach (other then their father) stands out, and that was William’s baseball coach, Matt, a couple of years a go. Not only was he eye candy for us moms, but he was smart, dedicated and he instilled trust and respect in his players for each other and the game. Will loved playing for him and he played some of his best baseball that year.
If you’re wondering where I’m going with all of this so am I. lol, but it occurred to me, as a writer, I want to touch readers, to leave them with something memorable, something that when they hear my name or see my books on a shelf they smile and remember my characters fondly. I don’t think that’s too much to shoot for. As a coach owes his best to his players individually, and the team as a whole, as a writer I owe it to my reader and my publisher to write the best book I can each and every time I’m contracted. Otherwise, why waste my time, your time and my publisher’s money?
I want to know, constructively, no flames, if I fail as a writer to bring you the reader a sense of fulfillment when you read the last page of one of my stories. It’s a tall order I put on myself, but just like in a football game what is the point of going out on the field if you don’t play to win?
Write on,




  1. Hubby

    Just be true to yourself and be true to them. Nothing else matters.

  2. Edie Ramer

    Great advice from your hubby. And I like your last line about playing to win. We write to win. 😉

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