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December 12, 2005 | Karin's Blog | 1 comment

I just wanted to say to everyone who is in query mode to keep at it. I spent Friday night at a signing with fellow authors, Susan Grant, Rae Monet, Bella Andre, Carolyn Jewel, Rachelle Chase and Josie Brown (author of TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES, which I read in one sitting, so what does that tell you? A recommended read from Karin). Anyhoo, a few of us had dinner afterward and well, we talk, and this whole getting published thing, it depends on a few things. The first of course being the obvious: you have to write a good story, but after that it really comes down to luck and timing. After the sale it comes down to: continue writing good stories and get a good agent. An agent can change everything. A good one obviously for the good and a bad one, yikes, a good author can get lost fast.
Even a good agent can be a bad or wrong fit for an author. You really need to go with your instincts here, what does your gut say? I know how anxious I was to get an agent, but even in my anxiousness I refused to settle. After I sold there were a few who were interested. One I wanted to chat with before I even sent my material. She wasn’t interested in chatting. She wanted to see if my stuff was worthy of her wasting a precious 5 min out of her day to even speak with me. I wanted to speak with her first, to get a feel for her if you will, to see if I wanted to waste my precious time and money in sending her material. I wrote her off fast. It’s a good thing I went with my instincts. She has just recently left the world of agenting. Another agent loved my stuff but already had too many erotic romance authors on her list and felt if she took me on she would be competing with her own authors. I was glad for her honesty. I didn’t want to be lobbed together in an agency with the majority of writers writing in my genre. So, fate, luck, timing, (an e.intro by a friend) not to mention a good story, resulted in me signing with a great agent. She’s smart and far more patient then I. She was worth wading through the hundreds of form rejections, she was worth all of the frustrating times I ran to the mail box with hope in my heart only to have it squashed by a rejection letter with someone else’s name but my title in the letter. Or the agent who suggested I buy his book, or that one agent who sends those impersonal postcards (I have stacks of them BTW). I’ve been rejected by many an A list agent, but perseverance paid off. That and a little luck goes a long way. So, while you’re still getting those form rejections or even the personal ones, remember, a published author is one who didn’t quit.
Make “Stay the Course” your mantra for ’06
Write on.



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  1. Edie Ramer

    Stay the Course is a great mantra–even after you’re published–from what I hear. :mrgreen: You were wise to be particular while choosing your agent. I wish I would have been as picky.:cursing:

    Next time…

    And that sounds like a great line up, Karin! I bet that was fun. :cooldance:

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