A Christmas diddy

December 23, 2005 | Karin's Blog | 0 comments

‘Twas the night before deadline
and all through the book
not a plot was emerging
no beginning, no hook

My characters were boring
too stupid too live
my hero liked whoring
a shit I could give

I starred at the page
all white and still blank
my emotions near rage
my book all but sank

When outside the house I heard such a clatter
I jumped from the computer to see what was the matter
There in the street I saw such a sight
a big brown truck with one, no, two white lights

The driver was male and all dressed in brown
in a short sleeve shirt and tight shorts he was bound
His calves were ripped taut and chest was heaving
my biggest fear was he’d soon be leaving

He wasted no time and went straight to work
I stumbled out the door and felt like a jerk
there in the truck with packages he made ready
I ran upstairs and searched for a teddy

A few minutes later I heard the bell ring
so I ran down the stairs all ready for a fling

His hair it was dark and curled in places
and his teeth were white without big spaces
with shoulders broad and arms so strong
I naturally assumed he’d have a long dong

I batted my eyes and tried to play coy
all the time wanting this delivery boy toy
he cocked one eye brow and started to grin
he lowered his eyes and then drank me in

“Can I help you,” I said, as suggesting as able
In my mind I was picturing us both on the table
He nodded that nod in that knowing way
and stepped to the threshold for a roll in the hay

In his arms he produced a package square
not the package I wanted but I didn’t dare
for I knew now his purpose was me not to please
but to leave me this package no moment to seize

A box from my publisher had now arrived
My author copies were wrapped inside
Forget about this man in his suit of brown
I had THE HARD STUFF no need to get down

I ripped back the flaps and grabbed a copy
I felt a bit flushed and even sloppy
but there it was, just as I was told
I really am published, I really am sold

Hours later the excitement subsided
I returned to my new book, a direction decided
About an author in the middle of the day
And a delivery man who went out of his way…

🙂 Hubby gets the credit for this one. Thanks, babe! :hello2:
Happy Holidays everyone.



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