His way

We buried my husband’s grandfather, Pappy, yesterday. These last 10 days have been so emotionally draining I find myself sometimes just staring blankly at a wall, and when I realize I have a responsibility staring back, just saying, screw it. But the funny thing is I can hear Pappy saying, “C’mon, honey, don’t be sad. I’m happy where I am. Now live.” He was an unselfish man, a loving man, and as I wrote last Friday over at Murder She Writes, he was a prince of a man. This morning over my coffee as I look around my messy desk,… Read more »

Checking in

I haven’t disappeared. A dear family memeber passed away this week and it’s been tough to say the least to hold down everything, so I said screw it, and dropped everything except for family. Write on, K*… Read more »

It’s that time of year again!

:cooldance: American Idol! From here on out called AI. I love this show, I love the laughs, the expressions on the faces of the seriously untalented when they don’t get picked for the Hollywood experience, but I also love to watch the dreams realized. I also bow down to Simon. Last year I tired to post regulary on my favs and fav moments, but failed, miserably. I’ll try to do a better job this year, but with deadlines looming it may be tough. But I will keep you posted, and if I miss something good be sure to comment. Warning:… Read more »

Feng shui and writing

Ok, so call me a skeptic. I don’t do hooey, or whoo whoo, and while I do believe in a stimulating work environment anything past that is a waste of my time. It was what I believed, until this last Saturday. My friend and fellow author Bella Andre TAKE ME gave a workshop on feng shui for writers at our local RWA chapter, and while feng shui isn’t all whoo whoo as I kind of thought (hey, I’ve heard rumors) it does have some interesting concepts, concepts that make perfect sense. So, instead of writing as I promised myself when… Read more »

This and That

Happy to report, my son is settled in his dorm, loves his new digs, and is looking forward to spring ball. I’m also happy to report this worry wart mother is off the Xanex. On to a little writing news and associated topics. I’ve been working fairly diligently on my wip SKIN and back into the flow of things. I also revisited a hot little medieval I started early last year. I really love that story and hope to sell it soon. I’m not sure if I mentioned here that my fellow Aphrodisia authors have launched a blog, you need… Read more »
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