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January 8, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 6 comments

my baby boy is gone. Off to college to play football get his degree and become a man. I’m very happy and proud of him. After a year and half at a local JC, a small private college offered him an athletic scholarship to come play football for them. From the day of the initial phone call to the day he drove off took 10 days. It happened so fast my head is still spinning. When they want you they move quick, and if you want them back you respond in kind. We mustered up as a family and got our act together. He has everything he could possibly need and then some. He’s my golden California boy and I hope the sun shines on him all the way to campus and contiunes to shine. It breaks my heart he is gone, but as I have said repeatedly this past week, I’m smiling through the tears.

Hubby is with him, they drove out together for the long haul. Jeff will have wheels at school, and for the logner breaks hubby will fly back and drive home with him. I miss them both so much. I can’t wait to see my son for Spring break. Although he warned me, he might be heading to Lake Havasu with the boys and we’ll have to hook up in June. Go figure.
I’ve already, with a little help from my friends, found two conferences this year close to his campus. One just 45 minutes away and the other 2 hours. Looks like I’ll be traveling a bit more than I thought. Of course hubby and I will be flying out for a few of his games.
I’m very behind on SKIN. I have vowed now never to have a deadline so close to the holidays.
I’m doing a BIAM with my local Black Diamonds RWA Chapter, so they’ll kick my ass all over the place, not to mention my CP’s who have been wonderfully supportive while I cried and moped all over them since Jeff got the call. 🙂 My girls over at Murder She Writes have been awesome too. I have a lot of support here and I really appreciate it.
So, with that, I’ll check in later in the week and give y’all my daily page count.
Oh, and for those of you in the agent hunt? They are alive and biting hard at good stuff. So keep your work out there.
Ciao until next time, and write on.
Oh, PS, I am guest blogger over at Julie’s (Kenner) Slaying Your Demons blog site. It should be up today.


  1. Edie Ramer

    It’s hard when your baby leaves home, even when he’s all grown up. But you’ve got the right attitude.

  2. Michelle Diener

    Karin, you are so strong, you’ll get through this. You’ll miss him but you will find ways to visit. And I’ll be happy to keep you on the job writing-wise 🙂

  3. Jan

    Your family is turning a page, Karin. It’s all gonna work out fine, you’ll get to travel to a place you wouldn’t have necessarily picked, but you’ll network with more authors/booksellers and get to see your cps, too. :cheerleader:

  4. Amy

    Looking forward to seeing you at at least one of those conferences! 🙂 (Yeah, it’s all about me.)

    Seriously, get your butt in gear and get typing, GF!! (And can you kick my rear right back? Please?)

  5. Sharon

    I’d be blubbering too. I’m already dreading when my oldest leaves the nest and I’ve got a few years yet.

  6. Karin

    Ladies, you need to seriously kick my ass! Amy and Jan can’t wait to meet up with you at the conferences, Sharon? When it’s your turn, I’ll pass the hankie.

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