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January 12, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 5 comments

Happy to report, my son is settled in his dorm, loves his new digs, and is looking forward to spring ball. I’m also happy to report this worry wart mother is off the Xanex.
On to a little writing news and associated topics. I’ve been working fairly diligently on my wip SKIN and back into the flow of things. I also revisited a hot little medieval I started early last year. I really love that story and hope to sell it soon.
I’m not sure if I mentioned here that my fellow Aphrodisia authors have launched a blog, you need to check it out. We’re still feeling our way around but it promises to be a lot of fun. The line is getting really good reviews for the most part, which translates to me people like it.
My fellow Aphrodisiacs are a great group of ladies who take their craft of writing very seriously.
Justin at Stone Creek Media has taken over my site because Natalie has a gazzilion books contracted. :elephant: Whoo hoo, Nat! You should check out her newly redesigned blog, Trapped by the Mormons, very kewl. Well, if y’all haven’t heard, my friend Allison’s book THE PREY debuted at # 88 :cheerleader:on the USA Today’s list of top 150 books. It’s now at # 73. :hello2:I’ve been enjoying the phone calls to her telling her of all THE PREY sightings I’ve encountered. Her book is everywhere!
While you won’t find THE HARD STUFF in Walmart or your grocery store, it’s in B&N , Borders, Waldenbooks and many indies. I’ve been getting emails from friends and family across the country giving me the 411 on THS sightings. In fact, the manager at my local B&N called me this evening to tell me it is prominently displayed on a promotional end cap, and selling very well. :party: My mom has been taking her dog eared copy of THS everywhere and as she hits each bookstore within 20 miles of where she lives she’s demanding to be led to where it is on the shelf. And God help the store if they don’t have any out. She makes them order. Thanks, mom, you’re great for business.
Mary, your book went out today! Tell my brother to wait his turn to read it.
OK, it’s late in Cali and I have an early call in the am.
Night all, and write on.


  1. Edie Ramer

    All good news, Karin! Great to know Allison’s book is #73. THE HUNT will debut even higher. And LOL about your mother making bookstores order your book. When I sell and my book comes out, can I borrow her? :cooldance:

  2. Mary

    Thanks Sis, I did contribute to the cause and bought a copy. But I need an autograph copy so when you become famous I can say I have any orignal. I can see why you didn’t want dad to read it and I only read three pages so far.

    Love Ya!!

  3. Amy

    So much good news! Woohooo! Very glad to hear your boy is liking it. :hello2:

  4. Karin

    Edie, I’ll be happy to turn mom loose when you’re on the bookshelves @ B&N.
    LOL, Mar, Dad so doesn’t want to read my book. He wants to know when I’m going to write literary. I told him not in his lifetime.
    Amy,I’m so glad Jeff is settling in. He even called tonight for a credit card # to buy iTunes, and let me know he was sending his first essay to me and could I please check it for grammar mistakes. Nothing much has changed…

  5. Jan

    Told you it’d all work out. 🙂 And good for your mom doing the door-to-door promotions. Hand-selling works!

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