It’s that time of year again!

January 17, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 9 comments

:cooldance: American Idol! From here on out called AI. I love this show, I love the laughs, the expressions on the faces of the seriously untalented when they don’t get picked for the Hollywood experience, but I also love to watch the dreams realized. I also bow down to Simon. Last year I tired to post regulary on my favs and fav moments, but failed, miserably. I’ll try to do a better job this year, but with deadlines looming it may be tough. But I will keep you posted, and if I miss something good be sure to comment.
Warning: my comments will come with serious snark. :evil2:




  1. Karin

    Oh. My.God!
    Did the suntan girl have serious speech issues, or what? :holy:Not to mention she can’t sing worth crap, and her mother? :chainsaw:OH. MY. GOD! that fruit didn’t fall far from the fruity tree.
    What about the girl trapped in the boy’s body? The one whose mother said her son’s singing brought her to tears? I thought Simon was going to say the kid’s singing brought him to tears too! If ever there was someone in denial about thier talent, ‘er lack of it, and thier sexuality, it was that kid. When Simon told the grandmother to stop giving him false hope and the grandmother responed, “It’s my job.” I wanted to punch her. Why do parents and grandparents do that crap? :wallbash:It creates huge issues down the road. Tell your kid the truth and move on. OK, will get off *that* soapbox.
    I love Simon, he was *so* bad, :evil2:and if you noticed, Paula coulnd’t keep her paws off him. :sunggle:I was also glad to see Randy get some zingers in there.
    I have to record tomorrow night. I have a release par-tay to attend, for a certain USA Today best sellign author.

  2. Amy

    OK, I was an AI virgin until Tuesday. I decided the boys and I would tune in this season. I’m ready for the real stuff, tired of the audition crap. When’s the real stuff start? I wanna see if the little cowboy did, indeed, get some lessons or if he’s gonna cry in his oatmeal.

  3. Jan

    I love AI and have to rush to get home to see it. My VCR would pick now to go out. Time to buy a DVD? But I did see the boy-girl whatever, and the overly tanned giggler. Ugh! Yes, parents shouldn’t encourage their kids to make total asses out of themselves. Like on AMW, it’s their 15 seconds of shame.

    And what is going on between Simon and Paula???

  4. Karin

    Didn’t you watch Leno the other night, Jan? All three judges were on. Jay, the audience, Randy and myself were all in agreement. Those two just need to have sex and get it over with.
    The suntan girl was my worst nightmare. If my boys brought her home I’d commit hari kari. Luckily they like ’em a bit more refined. “I LIKE MY WOMEN A LITTLE ON THE TRASHY SIDE” comes to mind.

  5. Edie Ramer

    LOLOL. I’m a Gilmore Girls fan, plus I’m trying to get my 10 pages a day this week (are you listening to that, Karin?). But GG was a rerun and I did sneak in a few peaks at AI. Did you hear that fabulous 17 year old? She came from a family of singers. My God, she had a voice like warm honey. She’s my AI pick. :cheerleader:

  6. Michelle

    I am such a sucker for AI. Loved the cowboy guy. The one girl–Russian or something?–who sang Bohemian Rhapsody was pretty scary.

    And could you believe those twin guys were arrested? I liked them and thought they had great voices! Man. :doh:

  7. Karin

    “And could you believe those twin guys were arrested? I liked them and thought they had great voices! Man.”
    I’ve been out of the loop! What happened?

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