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I just got home from dinner out with friends. We watched the video from last Saturday night’s party and laughed. It was a great party, and I really do love my family. Before I left for the evening, I received an email from my friend Amanda who has been a bit of a godsend. She has agreed to help me with some of the more mundane aspects of writing. IE printing, specifically a full manuscript. I just don’t have the time and since my printer is for now (very temporary) in my husband’s office it would be very inconvenient for… Read more »

Tune in to Geraldo at Large!

Tune in folks If you get Geraldo at Large (FOX but also syndicated, check out the web site for the station and time in your state) watch tomorrow night, Thursday the 23rd. It seems Geraldo is intrigued by erotic romance, and Sunny Chen (CHINATOWN) who is in THE HARD STUFF with me taped her interview today (she read a sexy excerpt that had the all male crew blushing :oops:). They will also be interviewing John Scogliamano (sp) from Kensington. Hilary, my Kensington editor said she had one of the camera guys take a good close up shot of my green… Read more »

Dragging ass

We celebrated my husband’s 50th birthday this past Saturday. :beer:I think half of my town had a hangover Sunday. What a bash. For those of you who were there and don’t remember? It’s all on video, and video doesn’t lie. Like Lisa getting freaked then sandwiched by Frankie and Nick, and my mil getting sandwiched by her oldest grandson (that would be my son Jeff) and Frankie. My youngest son Will and his two sisters freaking on the dance floor. And Will? Sweetheart…where did you learn to dance like that? And sing too? It was wonderful to watch my husband… Read more »


That’s all I can say, coz I can’t show you it yet, coz I don’t know how to post it here, and Justin is off right now. BUT. OMG! I got the cover art for GOOD GIRL GONE BAD. For those of you who know me, you know I wasn’t thrilled with the title. I am now. The cover so personifies it. It’s beautiful, classy, and so suggestively sexy. Every man who has seen it has gone cross-eyed gaga. I can’t wait to see what they do for SKIN, not that I’ll keep that title but I hope whatever the… Read more »

Signing fiend

Sign on I wanted to take a minute and thank Cindy the CRM at my local Barnes & Noble for throwing Allison Brennan, Amanda Scott, Josie Brown, Brenda Novak and myself a great party this past Saturday. Judy the romance expert and Sharon the assistant manager played a part as well. Thank you, ladies. :cheerleader: It wouldn’t have been such a great party if the B&N ladies hadn’t done such a fab job promoting us and of course much thanks to the scores of fans who turned out for the event. Thank you friends and family for making the day… Read more »
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