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February 3, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 3 comments

Lot’s of good stuff going on. I am writing!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy! :party: I put together a proposal for a novella antho (all my work, no sharing) and sent it off to my Kensington editor Hilary. I’m making headway on my wip, and things are really heating up! I had a great signing last Thursday night at the Borders Express in San Jose. Ellen the romance expert there did a fab job. I need to send her something nice. :cheerleader:
I spent the better part of this evening putting together my invite/announcements for my local signing scheduled for Saturday the 11th of this month at my Barnes and Noble. They look great and I can’t wait to hook up with my fellow authors, friends and family.
I also registered for National and booked my room. Oh, and Crime in Mind has been accepted to present a two-hour workshop. Very cool.
We’ll also be presenting a workshop at the Silicon Valley RWA conference in May. Check out the conference info at they are going to do a speed dating thingy with agents and editors. Should be a blast.
I plan on attending RT. I guess I need to register. Rae-Rae and I are gonna be roomies, and I can’t wait to meet up with my fellow Aphrodisia chicks and also hook up with some of the Pocket ladies. Basically, I’m going to smooze and booze. :beer:
I’m also going to hit a couple of conferences in the mid west so I can pop in and watch my boy play some football. :cheerleader:
For a person who detests stepping on an airplane, I’m going to step on my fare share this year. Gawd, I need to get the Xanex refilled. :faint:
So who’s attending which conferences this year?
Oh, crap, I need to think about what to blog over at Murder She Writes. Friday is my day.
Hmm, I think I’m going to chat about a subject that Allison has touched on. What makes a bad guy bad? But I want input from our readers. What bad people do they know and how did they get that way?
OK, off to work on that little gem.
Write on.


  1. Karin

    Clearing throat. I’ll see you next week!

  2. Edie Ramer

    The speed dating with agents and editors sounds like a blast. Glad you’re having fun, Karin!:elephant::cheerleader::hello2:

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