February 16, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 3 comments

That’s all I can say, coz I can’t show you it yet, coz I don’t know how to post it here, and Justin is off right now. BUT. OMG! I got the cover art for GOOD GIRL GONE BAD. For those of you who know me, you know I wasn’t thrilled with the title. I am now. The cover so personifies it. It’s beautiful, classy, and so suggestively sexy. Every man who has seen it has gone cross-eyed gaga.
I can’t wait to see what they do for SKIN, not that I’ll keep that title but I hope whatever the title is, it follows the same theme as the GGGB cover. It makes me feel so good that my publisher is so intuned with this book by creating such a stellar cover.
So check back for it. I might be able to figure out how to post it before Justin gets back.
Write on,
ps, I am also very happy to report, that number one son is home from college for four days to celebrate his dad’s 50th birthday. He looks great and I didn’t realize how much I missed him until he walked through the door with his dad who was grinning like an idiot.




  1. Edie Ramer

    Karin, you’ve been too busy to miss your number one son. :juggle: I’ve seen the cover and agree it’s fabulous! Enjoy hubby’s party. :party:

  2. Olga

    Congrats on wonderful cover! And definitely post it – you got me intrigued!

  3. Michelle Diener

    The cover fairies were definitely busy with GGGB. You got a good one 🙂

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