Tune in to Geraldo at Large!

February 23, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 5 comments

Tune in folks
If you get Geraldo at Large (FOX but also syndicated, check out the web site for the station and time in your state) watch tomorrow night, Thursday the 23rd. It seems Geraldo is intrigued by erotic romance, and Sunny Chen (CHINATOWN) who is in THE HARD STUFF with me taped her interview today (she read a sexy excerpt that had the all male crew blushing :oops:). They will also be interviewing John Scogliamano (sp) from Kensington. Hilary, my Kensington editor said she had one of the camera guys take a good close up shot of my green man. :woot:
All of this stemmed from a USA Today article yesterday featuring Kensington and the Aphrodisia line. Hot news travels fast. So tune in.
Oh,and Justin promised to have the new cover up tomorrow. :elephant:
Whoo hoo!
Write on,


  1. Edie Ramer

    I thought you were going to talk about AI, not Geraldo. I’ll try to tune in; I’m not a big Geraldo fan. I’ll also be watching the AI eliminations and try to catch Sasha Cohen and the other American skating their programs. All this while writing. :juggle: You can see why I don’t have cable; I’d never get anything done.

  2. Karin

    Edie, I have Bunko tonight! I have to tape the Geraldo segment, but I hear it’s awesome.
    As far as AI? I will post later tonight. I loved Ace and Taylor last night.

  3. J. Carson Black

    Wow, Karin! That’s fantastic. What great publicity. I wish I’d come by earlier, I would have loved to have seen it.


  4. J. Carson Black

    And I love your new cover! What a knockout. The colors, the mood, the tone… (even the legs are toned). Beautiful!

  5. Karin

    🙂 I like it too! I must admit, I didn’t care for the title they gave this story, but seeing the cover, I love the entire package.

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