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February 26, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 4 comments

I just got home from dinner out with friends. We watched the video from last Saturday night’s party and laughed. It was a great party, and I really do love my family. Before I left for the evening, I received an email from my friend Amanda who has been a bit of a godsend. She has agreed to help me with some of the more mundane aspects of writing. IE printing, specifically a full manuscript. I just don’t have the time and since my printer is for now (very temporary) in my husband’s office it would be very inconvenient for me to be running back and forth to print. So Amanda has graciously agreed to help out. And, being the efficient person she is, she printed out GGGB in no time last week. When I picked it up I asked her if she read the book. She said no but she would like to, and I encouraged her to do so. I received a wonderful email from her today. She loved it. While she did key in on the same things me and my agent keyed in on (and will be handled in the revisions), her overall feeling was very positive. It made me feel good. You see, Amanda writes also, and with persistence she will publish. So I respect her view and her comments. Her hubby is reading too. 
Anyhoo, in case you haven’t noticed, the cover for GOOD GIRL GONE BAD is posted, and while the smaller version doesn’t do it justice, I love it. My publisher got this story, and I feel privileged.
On a sadder note, daughter number two moved out today. I’m ok with it. It’s the right time with a great guy under the right circumstances. When we got home tonight there were two messages from her, crying. She missed us. I called her and assured her she always had a place here at home with her father and I. That said, my incredibly talented painter, Adam comes first thing Monday morning to convert her bedroom into my sanctuary. He is an artist of the highest order, and I can’t wait to see his talent go up on my walls. I ordered my new desk this week, a beauty, and just really can’t wait to get up there and create more stories.:typing:
Tomorrow is our regular big Sunday dinner gathering, all of the kids and their significant others sans my oldest boy who is away. 🙁 My in laws as usual. :hello2: Grilled tri tip, salad, roasted rosemary potatoes, baked cinnamon apples, and bruchetta. Nonnie baked apricot cobbler (Rhianna’s fav) and chocolate something or other for dessert. So much for Atkin’s. I’m glad I’ll be walking in the am. I look forward to the warmer weather and the BBQing that will ensue.
I’m off now to spend some time with hubby in our very quiet house (number two son is out for the evening). All of that said, let me know what you think of the GGGB cover.
Write on,


  1. Alison Kent

    I had to laugh about your sanctuary. When my first daughter moved out, the dh and I got to move into the bigger bedroom/sitting room she and her younger sister shared, and the younger sister moved into our smaller room. When the younger sister moved out, the stepson (who’d been bunking in the living room for a year) moved into her room. Now my oldest is in a relationship and has started a new business and is on the verge – and I’m already planning how to take over his room and give the bedroom office space back to the bedroom!!


  2. Karin

    Who said empty nest symdrome was a bad thing!
    LOL, Ive been plotting on that room for over a year. Hope you get your non bedroom office sooner then later, Alison.

  3. Edie Ramer

    My son’s old room is the guest room when we have guests, but usually my dog and cat sleep there. Whoever sleeps over at my house better not be allergic.

    Your menu sounds so good, but walking in a warm sun sounds better. :cooldance:

  4. Lowell Conner



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