Lot’s of great news to share

So other than AI and revisions there has been some good stuff happening to people I care about. First of all my friend and CP Jan Kenny has sold two books to Hilary Sares at Kensington for the Zebra Debut line. Yay! Jan. BTW folks they were both western historicals. They obviously are not dead. My good friend and CP Sharon Long has sold a sexy read, SEDUCING SIMON June ’06 (Simon = hunky fireman) to Samhain Press, under the name of Maya Banks. My friend and CP Amy Knupp’s UNEXPECTED COMPLICATION, HQ Supers is out next week. Yay, Amy.… Read more »

Surprise surprise surprise

OK, so no surprise Lisa is gone. I got a little choked up at her departure. She is such a beautiful, sweet girl. I wish her all the best. Now, would someone tell me why the hell Buckey was not in the bottom three? :chainsaw: I can’t say I was surprised Ace was there, but I was disappointed. He wasn’t that bad. But Katharine? :wtf: So, basically, I’m hearing from voters, if you fuck up one week you can be gone. OK, so, I guess everyone needs to go for broke very week. Admittedly they all should have been doing… Read more »

Thank God that’s over

What the hell? Tonight was the worst night so far. :puking: Let’s begin with Lisa: She went for it, and lost. Kelli: I though she did a cute job-that said, I think she needed to pick a stronger song, looks like the judges agreed. Ace: DROPS OF JUPITER, sorry, but I liked it, and the scar. I would have liked to have heard him sing something that showed off his range a bit more. Taylor: Hubby and I both thought it was good. Solid. But, I’m bias when it comes to that whiskey tenor. Also the band/orchestra rocked to that… Read more »

Kevin is history

as we all know, and to no one’s surprise. My before singing predictions for this week are the following.:either Buckey or Lisa get the boot, unless someone else really screws up. My predictions are not very shocking as I think we’ve all been pretty much in sync as to who will go and when. I think there might be a night coming up in the near future where two get booted. After the two aforementioned go it will get interesting. So, honestly, is it me or is Paula getting on your nerves? And what up with that dog Randy? He’s… Read more »
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