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March 1, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 3 comments

OK, I’m still watching AI and enjoying it. My two top picks for the men are hotty Ace, and the voice Taylor. Both of these guys have it, and I can’t wait to hear them sing again tomorrow. :jumping:
As far as the ladies go? In the hunt for me is that cutie Paris, and the southern bell Kelly (she is just too adorable). I think Katharine has a wonderful voice. Mandesa is beautifull in body and spirit. The other 16 year old? I can’t remember her name or what she sang but she is good. Ayla? Rock on, chica. I love her competitive effort. I can’t remember much of the others so I guess they had a real impact on me. This early in the game who is your pick?
Back to finishing up SKIN. I’m heading down the stretch, albeit a long one but I can see the finish line off in the future.
Write on,
ps, tomorrow I’m going to write a post on agents. I’d like some input as far as what you want/expect/have in your agent that you want/like. I’m giving a brief workshop at my local RWA chapter this Saturday and would love to hear from everyone and pass along to great info.
Thanks in advance.


  1. Mary

    I liked Kelly in the first audition but I don’t think she has sung very well since. Paris is great and I like the big black lady (can’t remember her name) but she is awesome. Of course hottie Ace is a shoe in just by his looks and I agree with you on Taylor he is just out there (joe cocker like).

    Write on chickie!

  2. Amy

    Totally with you on everything you said. Lisa is the other 16 year old and she is awesome too (and looked really cute last night.) The other two boys I like are Chris and Elliot.

  3. Karin

    I think Kelly is a cutie, but I’m with you, Mare, her voice won’t get her to the top 5. Sigh too bad.
    Lisa! That’s it. Chris and Elliot? One has the shaved head and the other kind of looks like, gosh I hate to say this, but, um a… oh crap, I can’t say it. He is a nice guy, and I don’t want to hurt his feelings. So, let’s just say he has a rather unique look (if he’s the one I’m thinking of).
    Both are good in my opinion, but I think Taylor is going to be the next AI, so long as the voting public doesn’t get stupid. As for Ace? He has a spot in my next book. :evil2:

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