The ladies tonight on AI

March 8, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 5 comments

were pretty miserable. I’m very disapointed. :wtf: happened to all of the talent?
So, not a stellar performance tonight.
There were however a few shining moments.
For me Mandisa rocked the house. Love her smile, love her energy, lover voice. Didn’t like her admission she sucked her thumb until she was 22. Despte TMI, rock on.
Katharine? Not bad, but you can do better.
Kellie? You are too cute, and you did really well tonight, even if you don’t know what a minx is. To be called a minx by Simon and not know what a compliment that was? Ay yi yi.
The rest of the ladies? Forgettable in my book. My prediction is Kennik and Melissa are history, or maybe even Ayla.
I hope the men bring it on tomorrow night.
Write on,
I have been. 20 pages today and still going strong.




  1. Mary

    I agree that was just miserable ! But mandisa is the real deal she has an incredible voice to early to say but I think she is the next A.I.
    Agree that Melissa will probably go and Ayla the other ones I can’t even remember what they sang.
    Rock on boys!!!

  2. Alison Kent

    Had to pop over for the AI dish! I’m not even caring about the girls AT all, ugh. I vote for Kinnik and Melissa to go home – and I think that’s what Simon wants, too, what with the way he basically told them both they were!

    Bring on the men!:cooldance:

  3. Karin

    OK, I’m going to make a prediction.
    Kevin will be gone as well as Will. It is Will right? Is Will still there? I think I have him confused with David. David is gone. OK, I think I’m clear. For me the only standouts for the men are Chris, Taylor, and too cute Ace (not because he can sing, but c’mon the yum factor goes a loooong way). I don’t think Elliot or Buckey (change name please) have the look to be the next AI, or really the talent, but they’ll make it to the final 12.
    Can’t wait to hear them sing. I reeeeeally want to be entertained. I hope Chris and Taylor don’t let me down.

  4. Edie Ramer

    I agree with you about the girls. I was even disappointed with Paris. She’s so cute and has a great voice, but doesn’t pick the right songs, IMO.

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