AI shocker!!!!

March 20, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 2 comments

OK so I’m a day or two late and a dollar short. :shit:
To say I was shocked Melissa was voted off is a lie. I figured her or Kevin would go this week, definitely both in the bottom three. but ACE!!! Now, c’mon, the man can sing, sorta. OK, he isn’t Chris, Taylor or even Elliott but he beats Chicken Little hands down in the vocal department, and we won’t even go into the sex appeal department. I was shocked Ace was in the bottom three. I guess starting next week I’ll be voting. Lisa? another surprise. I didn’t think her performance was all that good, but, it wasn’t that bad either. Hell, Kevin got more votes then her! That stymies me. Hmm, scratching chin, thinking logically, breaking it down. OK, I see somesing. Vat is there about Lisa that stands out? Nada. Think about it. Lisa is well, safe. My motto, safe = boring, boring= no sales and in Lisa’s case no votes. Now don’t get me wrong. She is an attractive package, very nice, good voice, but not that wow factor. Kevin’s wow factor (if we can even call it that) is his look and his ‘tude. He’s using his Chicken Little tag, his uniqueness to get him further. Lisa will probably go before Kevin now, especially if Kevin has a decent performance this week. He’s unusual and he has all the teeny boppers pulling for him. He has tapped into powerful niche market.
Same applies to writing folks. Safe is boring, push it, dig deep and go unique, you’ll get the votes and the sales.
Ciao for now, write on, and I’ll be back Tuesday night.




  1. Edie Ramer

    You nailed it about Lisa, Karin! I wasn’t crazy about her performance, but like you I was surprised about her standing. Kelli’s singing wasn’t as good, but like Kevin, she has the personality.

    As for Ace, I couldn’t stand his falsetto. He looks great and maybe he’ll make it as a singer, but he might be a better actor. Those eyes. Yum.

  2. Steph T.

    PLEASE let Kevin go home tonight!! Lisa is ho-hum to me, and so is Paris too. I’m loving Mandisa and Kellie’s cute too…I’m not _so_ into Katherine. Her voice is great, but she doesn’t seem like she can carry a stage. It’ll be interesting to watch her develop over the next weeks…

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