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March 22, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

OK, so AI was interesting tonight. I’ve been a bit under the weather lately and watching tonight really took my mind off not feeling well. So, first of all: Mandisa. she looked gorgeous and sang as good as she looked.
Buckey: I was with Simon 100% tonight (not that I’m usually not), but Buckey Boy is going home.
Paris: Thumbs down for her rendition of FEVER. FEVER one of my favs and she’s too young to carry off such a sultry tune. That said, her vocals were excellent.
Chris: WALK THE LINE, another one of my favs, I love Johnny Cash, grew up to my daddy playing the guitar and singing IF I WERE A CARPENDER. I loved Chris’s soulful rendition.
Katharine: Looked good, sang good, performance was, eh. She’s going to have to crank it up real high to be in the final three.
Taylor: Love this guy. I’m so glad he finally let someone clean up that mop, and his suit was perfect. Barry labeled him a ‘whiskey tenor’, a most befitting tag. I expect to see Taylor in the final three.
Lisa: Lousy outfit, but, she is adorable. Her performance was solid and boring.
Kevin: CL redeemed himself tonight. He done good, for him. He’ll be back next week, unfortunately.
Elliot: not feeling the look, didn’t like the song or the performance. For me his least impressive performance thus far. I totally disagreed with all three judges regarding his performance tonight.
Kelli:First impression, wipe off that heavy makeup. She looked like a little girl gone wild in mommy’s makeup bag. Loved the outfit. I thought she sounded better with Barry-but-she was pretty gutsy to go up to the judges and sing. I thought she finished strongly, and also, sigh, showed her lack of brain matter there in the end during discussion time. I WANT HER TO BE SMARTER!
Ace: Finally! a button up shirt. His singing was a bit pitchy. Ya know, I find myself every time he gets ready to perform, tensing up. I’m afraid he’s going to make a fool out of himself somehow. I can’t really explain it. I don’t want him to look foolish. He was definitely stronger this week. Not, amazing as Paula said. God I just want to smack her sometimes. Ace will be back next week.
So there it is. I’m dying to hear your take.


  1. Amy

    I agree on almost everything. I think Lisa’s going home, but you could be right about Buckey. One of those two. I thought Katharine did fab, however. I really like her. Taylor’s performance was…just okay for him (and yes, I expect a LOT from him. Love him.)

    I can get it down to my final four, but 3 is tougher. Taylor, Chris, Kellie and Katharine. And yes, ditch the heavy makeup, Kellie.

  2. Alison Kent

    Well, Chris’s version of WTL was actually a cover that LIVE did – even tho his was better, imo!

    From my hubby’s blog:

    Sports books out of Vegas
    normally take wagers
    based on sporting events

    but one sports book is now taking wagers on who will win the Fifth season of “American Idol”

    Current Odds as of today:

    #11 Kevin: 100/1
    #10 Bucky: 35/1
    #9 Taylor: 25/1
    #8 Kellie: 15/1
    #7 Elliott: 12/1
    #6 Paris: 10/1
    #5 Katharine: 8/1
    #4 Lisa: 6/1
    #3 Ace: 5/1
    #2 Mandisa: 9/2

    and the best bet
    to win the
    fifth season
    of “American Idol”:

    #1 Chris: 4/1

  3. Edie Ramer

    I’m after the fact, but I agree more with Amy than you, Karin. I wasn’t crazy about Taylor’s choice of song. Thought it was just okay and he could have done much better. But I loved Katharine’s performance. Hers and Chris’s knocked me out. And Kellie was outstanding too. Although I had the same thought about her makeup and the bimbo routine as you.

    I actually liked Kevin’s performance, but I’m not sad he was voted off. IMO Chris or Katharine will win. But there won’t be many losers in this contest. I can see Taylor, Elliott, Pari, Kellie, Mandisa and Ace going on to have great careers. Maybe Bucky if he finds the right songs.

  4. Mary

    I can’t believe that no one but me has Mandisa to take it all she is incredible. Kelly’s cute act has definatly worn out. No one can be that STUPID!! and all tho we all have the hots for Ace he won’t make it much longer.


  5. Karin

    hee hee, I think Mandisa is great too, Mary, but it’s chicks who vote, and the chicks dig, Chris. Alison’s odds look good to me.
    I’d be surprised if Buckey, Elliot and Lisa aren’t the next three, in any order to go.

  6. Karin

    Oh, wait a minute, on second thought, I can’t believe Ace would beat out Taylor. I mean he *is* cute, and can sing decenty but he doesn’t have the pipes or the passion Taylor has. It’s going to be interesting.

  7. Mary

    Come on now Kars. Three of the four winners of AI have been women. If it were the chick vote Bo would have taken it by a landslide last season (he my best fantasy)

  8. Karin

    lol, I love Bo too.

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