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March 26, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 0 comments

as we all know, and to no one’s surprise. My before singing predictions for this week are the following.:either Buckey or Lisa get the boot, unless someone else really screws up. My predictions are not very shocking as I think we’ve all been pretty much in sync as to who will go and when. I think there might be a night coming up in the near future where two get booted. After the two aforementioned go it will get interesting.
So, honestly, is it me or is Paula getting on your nerves? And what up with that dog Randy? He’s become almost as big a marshmallow as Paula. Just don’t get it.
Also, I have received my final revisions on GGGB, and will have my nose to the laptop for the next two weeks. So, even though I am feeling much better, :cheerleader: I won’t be posting much, except for the AI goings ons.
Hell, I do have to post on a few friends and their sales. Hmm I’ll save that for tomorrow.
In the meantime,
Write on,




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