Another one bites the dust

The naughty little minx is history. I’m actually surprised. While Kelli’s performances have been lack luster the past few weeks, I really thought her cute factor would keep her in the fray for another week or two. Oh well, such is life. I loved her classy good bye. She needs to go back to NC so he can stay sweet. Otherwise Hollywierd will chew her up and spit her out. So, I am definitely going to do the first line contest, so start sharpening those first lines. I probably won’t start taking submissions until next week. I want to promote… Read more »

Another bland AI

Andrea Bocelli is really an amazing talent, too bad the Idols are coming across flat. Is it me or were last year’s contestants more exciting? Or are this year’s just so booooring? Ok, so let’s begin with Kat: She looked incredible, well except for that unsightly panty line. I thought her singing was pitchy. Elliott: I think Elliott looked the best he’s looked all season and he sang well too. But I just can’t get past his ‘Frisky the Bear’ look. LoL the nickname courtesy of Amy’s son. Um, is Paula on crack? Her tears are so irksome. Kelli: Adorable… Read more »

Update update update

Checking in. First of all , number one son is alive and well. He gave a us a scare, but trust me, the boy is back to his normal hi-jinks. :beer: So, my editor Lauren calls me last week to tell me I nailed my revisions! Yayayayayayayay! Of course I have to hand it to her, she made it easy by drawing the map. So I am waiting now on the copy edits. GGGB is officially in production. Whoo hoo! Some more good news. I found out today that THE HARD STUFF is now listed as a book to buy… Read more »

Another one bites the dust

So, I’m out to dinner tonight with number two daughter celebrating her BF’s b-day and I get a call from my MIL. Ace is history. So, Hubby yahoo’s and I shrug it off. Right now I don’t care. We received a call earlier this evening from Oklahoma. My number one son is in an ER 1700 miles away, and not doing well. I’m on standby to fly out to be with him. While his being away has its advantages it also has its disadvantages. This is an obvious disadvantage. I need to be with my boy and he wants me… Read more »

AI, Rocking Rod comments, and other news.

I actually got into a fight with a chick in the ninth grade over Rod Stewart. :pound:You see she said she was going to marry him, and well, I couldn’t let that happen. I kicked her ass and while I wasn’t looking Alana Hamilton snagged him. Such is life. So about those idols tonight. Chris: to me his voice seemed lost until the very end. I was glad to see he didn’t indulge himself tonight. Paris: Strong performance, and once again, I enjoyed her more mature look. I laughed my ass off when Simon said she sounded like Mini Mouse.… Read more »
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