A few bright spots tonight

April 4, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 2 comments

Let’s begin with Taylor. I love the song he sang, and I enjoyed Taylor’s rendition. But I think he could have picked something stronger, something that would have really set his vocals apart from the others. Maybe some Travis Tritt. Or maybe a Garth song, like AIN’T GOING DOWN TIL THE SUN COMES UP.
Mandisa: Nope, didn’t like anything about her performance. I completely agree with Simon.
Elliott: Ok, to be fair tonight, I closed my eyes the minute I knew Elliott was going to be on the screen. I kept them closed the entire time he sang and even after –and? I thought he did a great job.
Paris: Eh. I predict she’ll be in the bottom three tomorrow night.
Ace: He needs to stop whining his songs. That said, he wasn’t that awful and his rendition didn’t sound country in the least. But either does Keith Urban’s rendition. BTW, I love Keith Urban. He rocks in concert too.
Kelli: Love this song! & Kelli’s red silk shirt. Oh, and her performance too. She’s racking up points in my book.
Chris: Ok why am I happy he didn’t do Keith proud? I think I’m still miffed over his elitist smirk last week. That so turned me off. I’d like to see him in the bottom three just for some attitude adjustment.
Katharine: I thought she finally sparkled tonight, and showed some moxy. She told Simon too. Touché.
Bucky: OK, so he didn’t do that bad, again. I didn’t know he was married.
Now does Kenny Rodgers look like a poster child for bad plastic surgery or what? I think he and Burt Reynolds have the same guy.
My picks for the bottom three? Paris, Ace and Mandisa. I think Bucky will squeak through again. If Taylor is in the bottom three I will scream.
It’s hard to say who will be gone tomorrow night. My pick is Ace. His sexiness has gone kind of smarmy, and he really doesn’t have much of a range. I’d better go vote now.
Who do y’all think is next to go?
Alison, what are the Vegas odds now?





  1. Amy

    I thought Taylor was pretty eh. So sad because normally I love him. Mandisa did great! I’ll have to try the eye-closing trick with Elliott. Ace has a major cringe factor with me now.

    My favorites were Kellie, Chris and Katharine.

    Bottom three? Ace, Elliott, Paris.

  2. Edie Ramer

    I was at the plotting party and missed AI. My husband only saw the second half, so I came here to get your view. My husband did say Kenny Rogers looked weird.


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