April 12, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 7 comments

Hee hee is that a Queen song title or just a really good line?
Anyhoo, Bucky hits the road. I felt bad for him. He’s a good guy. I cried when Kelli’s grandpa and little brother were on.
That’s about it for me tonight, I’m racing down the home stretch of revisions. I will have them to my editor by 8 am Friday NYC time. Then I will relax for the Easter holiday, then back to SKIN, which is complete, but now that I know what Lauren is looking for, I can go back and make heavy revisions and begin resubbng to my CP’s.
I will be soooo glad to join the living this weekend. It’s been an intense two and a half weeks.
Anyone have plans for Easter? Out here the family is getting together over at the country club for brunch. Works for me, I don’t have to cook. Hubby just asked what I was cooking for Easter dinner.Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. I told him nothing, we’ll still be full from brunch. Maybe I’ll cave and make him some egg salad. 😉
Happy Easter, write on, and I’ll be back.




  1. Edie Ramer

    I’m sorry to see Bucky leave. I wanted it to be Ace. Seeing Elliott’s mother talk about him made me care more for him than I did. And how did you like it that Katharine’s parents called her Kat?

    I’m making the Easter dinner for my husband’s family. Since I don’t care for ham, we’re having turkey. The cooking and baking is okay with me; it’s the house cleaning I hate.

  2. Jan

    Nothing personal against Bucky, but I felt it was his time to bow out. I’ll be AITC over the weekend on my novel. And since part of the family is sick, Easter dinner will be a small deal.

  3. Kim

    Not a fan of Bucky myself but I feel bad when any of them get cut.
    Plans for this weekend?
    The hubby has wanderlust so we might catch the next airplane to where-ever.
    Or I might stay home and do laundry.

  4. Amy

    No Easter plans here. Except getting the house ready for the market. :cursing:

  5. Karin

    Edie, I usually cook the big Easter dinner, but I’m glad not to this year. I need a break from my revision marathon.
    Jan, I hope mom is feeling better for the bunny.
    Gee, Kim, wanderlust, hop on a plane to where-ever? There is skiing like crazy in Tahoe. Or there is sunny Cabo, or the Bahamas. Sigh, we’ve been getting too much rain here in Cali.
    C’mon, Amy, you have to do an Easter egg hunt for the boys and kitties.

  6. Karin

    Oh, in answer to your Kat question, Edie. In light of the story I just revised and you critted, I take exception to their usage.

  7. Edie Ramer

    LOL about the name Kat. Katharine is nothing like your Kat.

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