Queen rocks, but some of the idols don’t.

April 12, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 5 comments

OK so about tonight. I have mixed feelings about tonight’s performers. Not so much about their actual performances but about the contestants specifically.
My opinions are shifting, and quite frankly I’m surprised at myself. I shouldn’t be. I change my mind about people all of the time. Some opinions however will never change no matter how that person I have the opinion about changes for the good or bad. For me, for the most part, if I don’t like you, it’s rare I change my mind.
So with that, let’s start with Bucky: I never didn’t like the guy. I do like him. I just think he’s goofy and sucks. His song tonight FAT BOTTOM GIRL for me was probably his strongest performance so far. Bucky is a nice guy and while I don’t think he has a snow balls chance in hell of becoming the next American Idol, I wish him well.
Ace: Ok y’all know I, along with millions of other woman on the planet lusted after Ace when he sang FATHER FIGURE. Now? Eh. Yes, he looked good tonight. Problem was and this wasn’t just restricted to just Ace tonight, but the big problem I found with his performance was the music, the beat, the drive of the instruments was far stronger than Ace’s voice. He just couldn’t carry the depth of it. That said, I was very happy not to hear his falsetto. I was glad he stood up to the judges, he did rock for as much as he could up against that incredible score that makes Queen so great.
Kelli Pickler: BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. Hubby liked her outfit. #2 son wasn’t feeling it. Hubby said she looked like a rocker, #2 son said it was a bad look. Personally I sided with my son. Although, I did like her hair. Now about that performance. It was ballsy as hell.
Chris: Here’s where once I don’t like you, I won’t change my mind. I don’t like Chris. I don’t like his arrogance. Since his elitist smirk a couple of weeks ago, I can’t stand him. Can the guy sing? Yep. Does he have a shot at becoming the next American Idol. Yep, again. I completely agree with Simon’s comment. “Totally indulgent.” And that folks about sums up what Chris thinks of himself
Katharine: One word. BORING. Yes, her vocals were excellent, but I am so tired of Katharine’s boringness.
Elliott: SOMEBODY TO LOVE. Love that song. But as with Ace the score seemed too far above Elliott’s head to give his voice room to shine. Something that powerful needs a Freddy Mercury to carry it. I think Chris could have carried that song.
Taylor: CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE. I thought he picked a great song, and while he started off a little rough I thought he carried it. My MIL got a big smile on her face when he opened his mouth and she said, “I love Taylor.” I do too. I love the control he had over his voice. I loved his finish. I love this guy. I’m rooting for him to go all the way, and so is hubby. BTW Simon’s comment shocked me. I think it was Simon who was drunk tonight.
Paris: Ok we all know Paris’ cutesy shtick gets on my nerves. However, I thoroughly enjoyed her mature look and performance of THE SHOW MUST GO ON.
OK, my prediction for tomorrow night? I think Ace had the worse performance tonight, but he does have the hordes of women at his voting beck and call. Hubby thinks it will be Paris.
Hmm, I’m going with Elliott. If I were to second guess myself I’d be putting Ace’s head the chopping block.
Ladies and gents? Your thoughts and predictions?




  1. Mary

    Okay, I thought everyone did really well tonight. Queen is a tough job to do. I was shocked I thought Ace (and not just cause he is gorgeous) did a hell of a job I love the twist he put on the song. Chris just Rock It, never heard that song before, but I loved it. The other performers were just soso for me. I think Elliot will probably go or Katherine.


  2. Edie Ramer

    So funny reading Mary’s comments. I think Ace was the worst singer last night. Taylor rocked. The man has music inside of his soul. (And I felt the same way about about Simon’s comment, Karin.) Kellie gets stronger and sings better every week. Katharine disappointed me. Karin, you were right on about her boring performance and Chris’s elitism. After Taylor and Kellie, I liked Paris. She can really sing, and I liked her rocker look. Bucky was good and so was Elliott, but neither knocked me out.

  3. Karin

    So who do you pick to get voted off the island tonight, Edie?

  4. Amy

    Ace is outie.

  5. Karin

    Methinks you are right, Amy. LOL hubby thinks somone needs to tell Ace it isn’t a beauty contest. I say, what the hell, play to your strengths. If Ace isn’t gone tonight, it won’t be long in coming.
    Of course, we’ve been saying that about Bucky for how many weeks now?

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