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April 19, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments

I actually got into a fight with a chick in the ninth grade over Rod Stewart. :pound:You see she said she was going to marry him, and well, I couldn’t let that happen. I kicked her ass and while I wasn’t looking Alana Hamilton snagged him.
Such is life.
So about those idols tonight.
Chris: to me his voice seemed lost until the very end. I was glad to see he didn’t indulge himself tonight.
Paris: Strong performance, and once again, I enjoyed her more mature look. I laughed my ass off when Simon said she sounded like Mini Mouse. She does!
Taylor: I wish he had done better, but he sure finished strong.
Elliott: eh
Kelli: Her performance came across shaky. I was disappointed. She’s been getting stronger every week, and she so could have nailed tonight. I guess she had a case of the nerves. As usual she looked adorable.
Ace: Icky hair do. Too much gel. Someone needs to tell him less is more. Loved the suit though, and his performance was not bad at all.
Katharine: OK I figured out what it is I don’t like about Katharine. It’s not that I find her boring, it’s that she reminds me of Stepford Katie, Franken Tom’s gf (I can’t take credit for the hilarious names, my MSW gals came up with the tags), the one who gave birth today to a Frankenford baby girl.
OK the comparisons aside. Katharine sounded awesome tonight. See? I can be objective.
I predict Elliott is history tomorrow night.
OK, now here comes a mini rant. I am sick and tired of Paula stepping all over Simon’s comments! Can the woman not shut the fuck up? Someone please slap her. :chainsaw: Simon is entitled to his comments, hell he drives the show.
Rant over.
On to other news. I turned in my revision last week on GGGB. Yay! It reads much stronger. Lauren knows her stuff.
I’m also toying with a contest here at THE WRITE LIFE. Something unique, something that won’t require a whole bunch of my time (I have to jump back on SKIN tomorrow) but something with a big prize (I’m thinking a $100 gift certificate to B&N or Borders or something along that line), providing I have a decent response. Any ideas?
Also, I’m donating a wine and chocolate basket complete with a copy of THS and some other delectables to Brenda Novak’s Diabetes fundraiser. Go check it out.
So, thoughts on who gets the boot tomorrow? Thoughts for a contest?
In the meantime,
Write on,




  1. Michelle Diener

    Can’t give any input on AI (for obvious reasons :wink:) and I’ll give the contest some thought. The hard thing is making it not take a lot of your time. Do you want it focued on readers or writers?

  2. Edie Ramer

    I loved Katharine and Paris’s performances. At the very end of Taylor’s song, he brought it home. Paris disappointed me too. I go along with you about Elliott being the one who won’t make it, but it could be Ace, who was equally ho hum. I think he might do well acting instead of singing.

    I’ll think about your contest. Maybe something funny, like the best name for a penis. :evil2:

  3. Mary

    I find it’s getting harder to pick one to go. Now that it’s down to the final 7 everyone is trying their very best and sound good. But I agree I think Elliott will probably bite the big one. Although and I know everyone will disagree but I think Kelli run needs to come to an end she has had a few poor performances and the cute factor just turned into DUMB AS A DOOR KNOB for me (you’d probably have to explain that one to her)

    I love Edie’s idea for a contest.


  4. Karin

    readers, Michelle.
    I like the penis naming contest theme, Edie.
    I see you concur, Mar. hmmm will give it some thought. oh, and yes, Kelli is dumb, but don’t tell mom, we’ve had that argument.

  5. Amy

    I’ve found with contests, the trick to getting as much participation as possible is keeping it simple. Nice prize! 🙂

    I hope Ace goes. Elliot sings better. My 4yo has Elliot nailed with a nickname though. Frisky the Bear. :wtf:

  6. Karin

    :holy: Frisky the Bear! I like it better then The Centuar.

  7. Michelle Diener

    Okay, here’s my contest idea – readers have to submit a sexual fantasy, and you pick the one you like best for inclusion in an upcoming book.

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