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April 24, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 3 comments

Checking in. First of all , number one son is alive and well. He gave a us a scare, but trust me, the boy is back to his normal hi-jinks. :beer:
So, my editor Lauren calls me last week to tell me I nailed my revisions! Yayayayayayayay! Of course I have to hand it to her, she made it easy by drawing the map. So I am waiting now on the copy edits. GGGB is officially in production. Whoo hoo!
Some more good news. I found out today that THE HARD STUFF is now listed as a book to buy over at Forbes Book Club. Yes, Forbes as in Forbes magazine. Muy cool.
I took my mother-in-law and my two girls to dinner and a show last night. The show, Nights of Fire featuring Roni Benise was awesome. I’m listening to the CD right now .Incredible. Check out the tour schedule and if he’s coming anywhere near you the show is so worth the drive and money.
Over at Murder She Writes we ladies of murder and mayhem are going to write a book online. :typing: We need reader input to develop characters, plot and setting, so go over and make some suggestions so we can start writing it. Once we nail the important bullet points we’ll begin to write it, kind of progressive dinner style. Should be fun, especially when you have 5 very different authors all taking a stab at the story. You never know what twists or turns it can take. Bwahahaha, I can’t wait to mess with everyone.
OK, now, I have to jump off and get to some way over due crits and then back to SKIN.
Oh,and I am definitely going to do a contest here. Edie wants me to have a name the penis contest. Not sure about that, Edie. :helpme:
I’m thinking of a writing contest, maybe best first line. We can all vote. Maybe I’ll limit it to the first 25 entries, and then we can vote down 5, then the next week we’ll add another line, then vote down 5, then another line, each week voting down 5, but adding a line until we get to the top 5. The prize will be substantial. I’ll have to ponder it some more.
Whatcha think?
Write on,




  1. Jan

    Yay on being listed as a must buy on Forbes, and nailing the revisions. Knew you would. 😉 Love the contest idea. This will be fun!

  2. Edie Ramer

    For the first line I’ll have to be more awake than I am right now. Something shocking is probably best, I suppose. I’ll have to think about it.

  3. Edie Ramer

    Obviously I wasn’t awake when I wrote the above comment last night. A first line contest is great, although a name the penis contest is better. Anyone else agree? :evil2:

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