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April 26, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 3 comments

Andrea Bocelli is really an amazing talent, too bad the Idols are coming across flat. Is it me or were last year’s contestants more exciting? Or are this year’s just so booooring?
Ok, so let’s begin with Kat: She looked incredible, well except for that unsightly panty line. I thought her singing was pitchy.
Elliott: I think Elliott looked the best he’s looked all season and he sang well too. But I just can’t get past his ‘Frisky the Bear’ look. LoL the nickname courtesy of Amy’s son.
Um, is Paula on crack? Her tears are so irksome.
Kelli: Adorable but methinks this may be her last week.
Paris: She done good.
Taylor: He sounded safe to me tonight. There are so many perfect songs for him to pick. Not sure why he picks the ones he does.
Chris: OK, I have a confession to make. I was chatting with my MSW’s girls and didn’t pay attention to him. Hubby says he did really well, the best in fact.
So there it is. I predict Kelli is gone. Maybe even Katharine.
Now on to the contest. I am going to do a best first line. Probably start Monday. So polish them up. I’ll announce the rules and prize tomorrow.
So, who do y’all think will hit the dust tomrrow night?




  1. Edie Ramer

    I thought Kat was great. Other than that, I agree with your assessments (including the one about Paula being on crack). Kellie should go, but I wonder if people like her too much to dump her. Elliott was wonderful but doesn’t have charisma, so he might be at risk. Chris was terrific–Taylor should have sang that song, it would have been great for him too.

  2. Mary

    okay so I didn’t post last week I was in mourning (lol by Ace) But I do know that I have watched every single AI since it’s begining and this is the worst group I can remember. In saying that my top three for last nights show is; Kathering/Elliott and Chris (was just super). Karin, I wanted to slap Paula last night sometimes I think she has just lost it, did you check out Simon I thought he was gonna fall of his seat laughing (I was rollin). Well gots to get to work now.


  3. Karin

    Pauler Pauler Pauler :scratchhead: What to do about Pauler. I love wacthing Simon’s expressions.

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