A great guest over at MSW!

Go visit Murdershewrites our guest blogger today is J Carson Black. She has some great words of wisdom to impart, and don’t forget we’re running a contest over there. Also, if you have any questions you’d like to ask my agent, Kimberly Whalen at Trident Media Group email murdershewrites5@yahoo.com Kim is going to do a Q&A next month. Okay, now back to my final revision…… Read more »

Contest update and guest blogger

I just wanted to say, I haven’t forgotten about the first line contest. I just can’t commit to it until I get my book turned in, so bare with me, the book goes the end of next week and the contest will commence the following Monday. Now, over at Murder She Writes, we’re having a contest. It’s so easy, just comment. Each day you comment you get a chance to win books, gift certificates and goodies. Also, my agent Kimberly Whalen has graciously agreed to do a guest blog in the form of a Q&A, oh, not here over at… Read more »

And the winner is…?

Taylor! :party: :cheerleader: :cooldance: :elephant: :woot: :hello2: :guitar: :beer: :lick: :jumping: :sunggle: :party: I am soooo happy Taylor won! I screamed so loud when they said his name, my throat is sore. The show was great. I loved the songs, the wardrobe, the guest singers, Puck & Pick was hilarious, and so were the Brokenote Cowboys. Prince was a nice surprise. My fav was the flash back clips of the contestants and the judges. I can’t wait for AI 6! Taylor was my man from the get go. He is such a sweetheart, and I wish him and all of… Read more »

What a night.

Wow! What a great season. I love to see how far the idols come from the first time they audition. It’s so much like writing, for many of us, me specifically, we have enough talent to get the motor started, but with perseverance we learn, write until we drop, then finally hit our stride, we hang in there honing our craft and then, bam, payday. I’m listening to Danny Potter sing the goodbye song and I’m getting choked up. I’m feeling a little melancholy all of the sudden. I’m concerned a friend of mine might be sick again, another friend… Read more »

AI opinions?

Here’s a little tid bit hubby forwarded to me this am. And while I must say I’m iffy about all of the comments regarding Taylor, but he does have some valid points, but this guy nailed Katharine. I’ve been saying it all along, she’s cold and has a sense of entitlement. Anyhoo see below: Music consultant Dennis O’Donnell likens Taylor to a modern-day Kenny Rogers. “Taylor could be a pop-country guy, and that’s not a bad thing,” he says. “It’s right down the middle. If he gets a hit, it will stay around awhile. Though he’s awkward and sort of… Read more »
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