The good, the bad and the ugly

May 2, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 5 comments

The good and the ugly: Elliott: First of all, did he have to tell the whole world he still chews his fingernails. Bleck! Ok, now to the singing. First song? Broadway? Nah, didn’t feel it. I completely agreed with Simon. The second time out was much better. I actually enjoyed it. Elliot’s voice really shone. But, he will always be Frisky the Bear to me.

Paris: I did not care for the start of her first song. But she finished strong. The second song? I loved it. And I’m not a Paris fan.

Chris: Chris Chris Chris. First song was the bomb. The second song? I think Chris thought he did an awesome job. Bwahahahaha, not!

Katharine: First song. “Not feeling it,” that was a direct quote from hubby. I concur. Obviously the tepid response from the audience confirmed our thoughts as well as the judges. Second song. I. LOVED. IT! She finally showed a sexy playful side of herself and I loved the way she sang. The judges agreed too. Way to go Kat, you may have just won me over with that performance.

Taylor: While I am bias when it comes to Taylor, I felt in his first song, the music trampled his voice. But I loved his performance. And I loved the Taylor version of the Beatles.

So who goes tomorrow night? My prediction: Paris.

On a 🙁 note, I have to rethink my Grand Prize. I do have a strong Plan B.

Write on,




  1. Edie Ramer

    I wish I’d seen Taylor sing, but I’m still glad I watched Gilmore Girls.

  2. Karin

    While Taylor was good, Edie, the perfomance to have seen was Kathatrine’s second song. Be sure to watch tonight to get a snippet from last night.

  3. Mary

    Except for the first song Elliott sang. I thought they all did a fantastic job. It is so hard to pick a winner when they get to this point. I agree with you Karin, kat’s second performance was fantastic. I am hoping that Elliott is the one to go tonight I really like Paris and for the AI followers (concert goers) she is more their type (poppy and cute).

  4. Amy

    FRISKY LIVES! *snicker*

  5. Karin

    FRISKY NEEDS TO GO! I mean :wtf: ?

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