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May 23, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 5 comments

Here’s a little tid bit hubby forwarded to me this am. And while I must say I’m iffy about all of the comments regarding Taylor, but he does have some valid points, but this guy nailed Katharine. I’ve been saying it all along, she’s cold and has a sense of entitlement.
Anyhoo see below:

Music consultant Dennis O’Donnell likens Taylor to a modern-day Kenny Rogers. “Taylor could be a pop-country guy, and that’s not a bad thing,” he says. “It’s right down the middle. If he gets a hit, it will stay around awhile. Though he’s awkward and sort of oafish, he has charm and he doesn’t have the air of an actor. What I’m reading is that he knows he’s got the tiger by the tail. All he needs is good songs. People already like him.”
Katharine, on the other hand, doesn’t exhibit the drive to win, “but seems to think she deserves it,” says O’Donnell, predicting a failed music career and possible future in commercials. “She’s cold and artificial. When she sings, she’s looking for the camera and seems to be assuming a character. She attempts the vocal gymnastics of Celine Dion . When people hear Celine, they know it’s real. Katharine seems manufactured. I think she’ll fade.”




  1. Mary

    I have to agree, my hubby who doesn’t watch AI much will sit with me once in a while and watch and he noticed that she does have a good voice but she looks like a robot on stage, no stage presence or audience contact at all.

    GO TAYLOR!!!!!!!!


  2. Karin

    I’m really looking forward to the competition tonight.

  3. Jan

    I agree with this assessment. Katherine is stiff and I’m not sold on her vocals–sort of a paint-by-number singer. Taylor has talent and I’d bet he feels every note coming from his soul.

  4. Edie Ramer

    Kat is much younger than Taylor (not sure of the exact years). Taylor’s a seasoned performer and it shows. I think he has music in his soul, and charisma to spare. In addition to his voice, he’s a musician. We don’t get to see all his talents on AI. Although Kat will improve gets more comfortable with performing, I really see her future as an actor. Maybe a singing one. :cooldance:

  5. mario


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