Round Four!

I apologize for the delay today. After experiencing technical difficulties this morning (and thanks to Justin my puter guru for jumping on the problem and solving it), a frustrating round of not being able to cut and paste the entries (thank you for your help Michelle), and your basic life interruptus I am now able to post the 35 who make it on to round four. Here we go. You ladies know the drill, post line four by midnight this Friday. And good luck! 1.”Great Odin, I demand retribution against this beast!” Freyja gestured toward the dark shiny mass writhing… Read more »

Round Three submissions are closed!

My judge for this week will now take over. I’ll post the 35 who go on to the next round Monday. In the meantime I have some really great news. I have decided to run this contest every six months. Hilary Sares at Kensington has agreed to be the grand prize for the next First Line Contest. :cheerleader: I will always have a NYC editor or a top notch agent as the grand prize. So, if you don’t make it to the final five this time there will be lots more opportunities. Good luck!… Read more »

The third round begins!

Congrats to those who made it to the third round. You have until midnight Friday to post your third line. For anyone who misses the deadline, you are out, and we’ll be moving forward with the entries that do post. Good luck! and I hope I didn’t screw up. 1. I could not believe my good fortune. A car pulled away just as I was within twenty feet of it and I was only one block from the address I was seeking. 2. “Great Odin, I demand retribution against this beast!” Freyja gestured toward the dark shiny mass writhing before… Read more »

Here we go!

the three entries that get a second chance are: “Wearing red to thier mother’s wake.” The alley stretched far ahead…Yet Antoinette moved forward, one deliberate step after another. The floor decended at least twenty feet. Ladies get your second line to me asap, here in the comment section, put both lines. I want to post the 40 who make it to the second round later today, and my judge has a busy day today. So add your second lines, and good luck!… Read more »


Okay, of the 45 first lines that went on to the second round, 3 didn’t post a second line in the allotted time. So, to be equitable I will allow the 5 that didn’t make it to the second round to repost their original first line to be judged. Now, I’m not going to chase down the 5, so if you know them let them know to post in the comment section of this blog post, because my judge is going to pick 3 of the 5 by tomorrow morning, which I will announce at that time. Those three will… Read more »
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