Let the show begin!

June 5, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 71 comments

I’m really excited about this contest. I hope the epilogue is a sale! :hello2:

Okay here’s how the Best First Line contest, open to all writers, is going to roll.
At midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time, in the comment section of my blog post your best first line.
I’ll take the first 50 entries. You can only post one, that doesn’t mean have someone else post for you, it’s one per person period, and I’m going to leave it up to everyone to play by the honor system. If you want to post under an anonymous name that’s fine, but make up an actual name, not just an anon. There are bound to be more than one anon posts, so to keep track I need different handles for all entries. Please DO NOT POST before the midnight starting time. If you do I will pull it.
The posting will close this Friday at midnight, PST. Over the weekend the anonymous first round judge (all judges will be published authors) will cull five. I’ll post the remaining 45 on Monday. If your best first line is up on the blog then post the next line. I’ll close the window to respond the following Friday at midnight PST. The next judge will cull five more. The following Monday I will post them, then those 40 still standing will post the third line. It will follow the same schedule until we get down to the final five. At that time I will ask the 5 finalist to send (not sure if snail mail or email but will advise) me their first 10 pages of the story beginning with their original contest best first line and I will submit them to Senior Pocket Editor Lauren McKenna to read and pick the winner!
So sharpen your keyboards.
And good luck!




  1. Kim

    At the crack of dawn, my nine year old niece Sophie decided to forego the toilet and poop in her pajamas while standing in the middle of the upstairs hall.

  2. Heather W

    I believe “long” and “term” are the two worst four letter words out there, at least when it comes to relationships.

  3. Heather Cook

    “Jake was certain when he woke up that morning that those breasts had not been there the night before.”

  4. Bianca Miller

    Have you ever had one of those “best sex you could ever imagine” dreams?

  5. G. Miki Hayden

    The jumble of bones that had been brought to Aaron Clement six weeks before had taken on a shape inside him and a sort of individuality, though they hadn’t been identified.

  6. April O.

    Where did I go right?

  7. Karin

    Room for three more first lines then the contest is closed!

  8. Michelle

    Every woman considered stealing a horse and running away on her wedding day, didn’t she?

  9. D'Ann Dunham

    Jace Hill held on for dear life.

  10. Meretta

    The pressing weight of her gaze crept across Gabe Moreau’s still form and he swore on his life it was a living thing.

    Thanks, Karin!

  11. Karin

    One more entry then the doors close.
    Who will it be? C’mon don’t be shy.

  12. Kim Finnegan

    The hot black coffee burned as it soaked through Cindy’s business casual Docker slacks.

  13. Lis

    “Am I dead?”

  14. Gigi George

    I haven’t had sex with my husband in four months.

  15. SandraBarkevich

    There comes, in everyone’s life, a defining moment, where something so monumental happens that it will irrevocably alter your life forever–for Emeline Baxter, this was one of those times.

  16. Karin

    Excellent job, ladies!


  17. Maura Anderson

    Too late for the contest (It’s been an awful week at the day job) but I figured I’d play anyway, even if not elligible for a prize.

    “Death didn’t have to be easy, but couldn’t it be a little cheaper?”

  18. Karin

    Good line, Maura!
    I’m sorry work kept you out of the running. I’m going to do this again, with a different editor or maybe an agent in the fall.

  19. Margaret A. Golla

    I entered your contest, but even if I don’t make it any farther you succeeded in getting me interested in your blog. Only Miss Snark and you have this talent. :evil2:

  20. Karin

    Thanks for the compliment, Margaret. Glad you like it here.

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