Here we go Round Two!

June 12, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 51 comments

Of the first 50 first lines entered here are the 45 my first round judge picked to go on to the second round. And FYI, for the heck of it, I culled 5 myself just to see if I was on the same page as the judge, and let’s just say we didn’t see eye-to-eye on everything.
So, to the 45 who made it congrats, to the 5 who had great lines but had to leave us, thank you for participating and please hang around and root your personal favs on. I am going to do this again, and I’d love to have you back.
Now, ladies in the comment section, please write your original first line then the line that comes after it by midnight Friday. If you don’t post a second line by then, you’ll be out of the competition and, I’ll pull up one of the five on the cutting room floor, and ask them to post a second line.
So, let’s go! And good luck to everyone.
Oh, ps, if your lines aren’t dialogue then don’t use quotes. When I transcribed all of these, I was sure some weren’t dialogue, but I could be wrong, but I went ahead and typed them verbatim, so in your next post you don’t have to use the quotes to alert me that it’s your line. Does that make sense?
If I made any mistakes with your lines forgive me, and fix them when you post.

1. “So are you ready for some wild sex?”
2. “Alcohol doesn’t take away the pain of career rejection, but it does dull it a bit.”
3. I killed myself for Anton Romanek—literally!
4. She should have kept running.
5. Bubble bath made terrible camouflage.
6. I taste magic in the air.
7. The second his century long reprieve ended, the devil set out to destroy h
8. Tony Solomon did not plan to die that day.
9. Sarah Goodwin’s jaw dropped like a nun’s in an NFL locker room.
10. He marveled over her long beautiful legs while he licked his lips before saying to her, “Nice legs, what time do they open?”
11. “It’s so cold out here my goosebumbs are dangerously close t being bigger than my tits.”
12. Jane Ryan gently placed the phone on the counter, tidied her already neat hair, and screamed at the top of her lungs, “I am the rock between the fruit loops.”
13. She really had to stop thinking about screwing her boss.
14. Somewhere between Heaven and Hell, Nick Winters decided to live.
15. Vayden, Wyo. was not a place Laura wanted to call home.
16. I am justice.
17. The kid looked liked he’d just lost his best friend, probably because he did.
18. Dani Perez stepped away form the revolving door and walked toward the hotel bar, her four-inch heels clattering like a “Riverdance” audition on the black marble floor.
19. Men lie.
20. “Great Odin, I demand retribution against the beast.”
21. She had wondered how long it would take before she could actually hear them speaking to each other…her mother had warned her eventually the lesions would dig deep enough, grind them selves so far in her brain that it would happen.
22. Trust-in the single breath it took to speak the word, one could be betrayed.
23. Special Agent Jason McCall’s life fell apart the day he found out that the love of his life was not, in fact, a lesbian.
24. “Hell, I’ve got kids myself, Deborah, so I can see how something like this can happen-particularly with you being a single mama and all.”
25. I could not believe my good fortune.
26. “Fuck you,” Susan Deluca screeched, lobbing her favorite Jimmy Choo pump at her soon-to-be ex-husband’s Lexus.
27. She couldn’t run anymore.
28. Well, if it was one thing that I learned from my last job it was NOT to sleep with the boss’s fiancé.
29. Jace Hill held on for dear life.
30. I’ll be damned if I’ll be just another body pushed off the cursed bridge.
31. Two things hit Ryan the second he stepped into the kitchen-someone had cleaned the place up, and there was a strange half naked woman smacking the hell out of his coffee maker.
32. “I couldn’t bring myself to say the actual word.”
33. I sell time.
34. After all this time it was finally happening, that quiet maddening tumble into insanity.
35. At the crack of dawn, my nine year old niece Sophie decided to forego the toilet and poop in her pajamas while sleeping in the middle of the upstairs hall.
36. I haven’t had sex with my husband in four months.
37. I believe “long” and “term” are the tow worst four letter words out there, at least when it comes to relationships.
38. Jake was certain when he woke up that morning that those breasts had not been there the night before.
39. Have you ever had one of those “best sex you could ever imagine” dreams?
40. The jumble of bones that had been brought to Aaron Clement six weeks before had taken on a shape inside him and a sort of individuality, though they hadn’t been identified.
41. Where did I go right?
42. There comes in everyone’s life a defining moment where something so monumental happens that it will irrevocably alter your life forever-for Emeline Baxter, this was one of those times.
43. Every woman considered stealing a horse and running away on her wedding day, didn’t she?
44. The pressing weight of her gaze crept across Gabe Moreaus’s still form and he swore on his life it was a living thing.
45. The hot black coffee burned as it soaked through Cindy’s business casual Docker slacks.

These are great! Good luck with line two.




  1. Karin

    See CONTEST UPDATE post.

  2. Lisa Dawn MacDonald


    Thanks for the second chance.

    “Hey Landon, wanna smell?”

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