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Okay, of the 45 first lines that went on to the second round, 3 didn’t post a second line in the allotted time. So, to be equitable I will allow the 5 that didn’t make it to the second round to repost their original first line to be judged. Now, I’m not going to chase down the 5, so if you know them let them know to post in the comment section of this blog post, because my judge is going to pick 3 of the 5 by tomorrow morning, which I will announce at that time. Those three will immediately need to post a second line, so that the judge will have 45 entries to work with and I can post the third round entries tomorrow night to keep on my time table. So, obviously I’ll need them asap. As I said, I’m not going hunting, and because this is getting confusing, this will be the one and only time for a second chance. If the entrants don’t post their subsequent lines within the time period, we will move forward without them, and the culling will be equitable. So let’s say of the 40 who move on to the 3rd round only 39 post a third line, then only 4 will be culled. If the full 40 post then 5 will be culled.
If you are confused, so am I.
So let those 5 ladies know they have a second chance


  1. Lisa Dawn MacDonald

    Woo Hoo! Yeah for me. I’m not sure where you want it posted so I’ll do it here and in the round two section.
    Thanks Karin and thanks to those who weren’t paying attention.


    1st line= “Hey Landon, wanna smell?”

  2. Edie Ramer

    “Wearing red to their mother’s wake.”

  3. Rachel

    That sounds like a great plan, Karin. Thanks for all the work you’re putting into this contest. :beer:


  4. Karin

    Posting for Tracy O

    The alley stretched ahead, dark and ominous…yet Antoinette moved forward, one deliberate step after another.

    Tracey O

  5. Elisabeth

    Okay, I feel silly doing this, but here’s mine:

    The floor descended at least twenty feet.

  6. Lisa Chaplin

    You’re being more than fair, Karin – very generous. Thanks from all of us! :hello2:


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