Round Three submissions are closed!

June 24, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 13 comments

My judge for this week will now take over. I’ll post the 35 who go on to the next round Monday. In the meantime I have some really great news. I have decided to run this contest every six months. Hilary Sares at Kensington has agreed to be the grand prize for the next First Line Contest. :cheerleader: I will always have a NYC editor or a top notch agent as the grand prize. So, if you don’t make it to the final five this time there will be lots more opportunities.
Good luck!




  1. Tracey

    thank you for deciding to run this regularly. Your a champ.

  2. May

    Ditto what Tracy said!

    Thanks for putting in the work, Karin!

  3. Kristi

    Wow! That is very cool. Thanks, Karin!:woot:

  4. Edie Ramer

    YAY, KARIN!!!:party:

  5. LaDonna


    I’m a happy camper! Too cool on the contest every six months. I think I’ll live here for a few. :elephant:

    LaDonna 🙂

  6. Amanda Murphy

    Karin, great job you’re doing. :woot:

  7. Karin

    Thanks, ladies. I have to admit when I first thought of this contest I did it, you know, to boost traffic on my blog. But it has manifested itself into a personal quest to open a door that would otherwise be closed to most writers. I want to see a sale! It’s my way of paying back to a great community.

  8. Lisa Chaplin

    Karin, you really are a legend. all this is work for you, taking time from your writing, and all to help others. thank you so much…whether I make it to another round or not, I am very grateful for this opportunity.


  9. Kim Stagliano

    Hmm, between the contest and the worlds lovliest male torso I find myself gravitating to this blog reg-u-lar-leeeee! Thanks so much for the call to tell me I was in round 3 — can’t wait to read the 35 “winners” tomorrow! Thanks a million Karin. KIM

  10. Rae Monet

    She had wondered how long it would take before she could actually hear them speaking to each other…her mother had warned her eventually the lesions would dig deep enough, grind themselves so far in her brain that it would happen.

    Now it had…her ears rang with the deep chatter of their kind, the vampires, and it nearly drove her crazy. Nothing concrete, just a constant buzz. It wasn’t enough to see their psychic trail light up like the annual Christmas tree in New York City or have her neurons constantly screaming at her, *there’s one, there’s another one*…no, now she had to hear them, too.

  11. Rae Monet

    Whoops… posted in the wrong place 😳

  12. ktzmom

    How did you come up with this great idea? I’ll be honest, I heard about it for the first time on Murder She Writes, but I’m definitely interested in the contest next time. :hello2:

  13. Karin

    ktzmom, I am an Ameircan Idol fan and wanted to kind of do something like that.

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