Round 8!

Here we go, Round 8! Before I list the 15 entries that go on to the next round I want to say, not only have my judges been pulling their hair out over which entries stay and which go, but I have had some serious intervention impulses, which I have resisted.  I think everyone is doing great and I can’t wait to do this again. Also, I have decided against taking my lap top to National. I had planned on checking in and giving everyone the daily low down, but my schedule is so packed I just don’t want the… Read more »

Round Seven!

We’re down to 20 entries.  I will post the next round (8) next Monday as usual, right before I head out to Atlanta next week. But I’m going to put the contest on hiatus for the week after since so many of us will be out of town. Here are the Round 7 entries:  And I apologise in advance if I screwed up anyone’s lines.  🙂   1. “Hell, I’ve got kids myself, Deborah, so I can see how something like this can happen—what with you being a single momma and all. It’s a hectic, overwhelming day and then the kid… Read more »

Round Six!

I had a cranky judge this weekend.  Mostly because they had difficulty narrowing down the 25 to move on to round six. I will admit to being very surprised.  One of my favs didn’t make it.  🙁 Here are the 25 who made it to the sixth round.  Y’all know the drill.  Good Luck ladies. 1. I could not believe my good fortune. A car pulled away just as I was within twenty feet of it and I was only one block from the address I was seeking. This was a great start, a sign, an omen. I was going… Read more »

Here we go, the 35th entry!

I taste their magic in the air. I came here to get away from them. They should have stayed away from me. They must know what I did to his killers.  Please post all fifth lines in the comment section of the Fifth Round post.… Read more »

Hold the phone!

I forgot an entry!  I posted one twice.  Thank you, Cece, for bringing it to my attention.  Give some time to figure it out.  I have some research and comparisons to do.  Sheesh, this is why I hate cutting and pasting!… Read more »
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