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What a week. It went by in a flash and I almost feel like it never happened. But my girl Rae Monet has the Golden Heart necklace to prove she won Best Paranormal for her futuristic vampire story BLOOD SQUAD.   And I took her picture when she was on stage accepting it, so I guess I was there. I cried my eyes out, she so deserved it. The entire evening was emotional, and not just for me.  It was moving to watch the emotional responses of both the Golden Heart and RITA recipients. The award ceremony made last year’s debacle seem like an unpleasant dream.  Gayle Wilson is a gracious funny lady and she made me proud of RWA.  And Queen Nora rocked.  Is there anything that woman cannot do?  She gave the award ceremony back the integrity it so deserves.

I learned a lot, met a ton of great ladies, went to some shee-shee parties and dinners, hung out with my agent and editors and generally had a blast.  The staff at the Marquis was exceptional.  Their southern hospitality was incredible, and as bad as I ate (example, deep fried lobster tales at my Pocket dinner) I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this afternoon and did not gain one single ounce.  Probably because I was dehydrated from all the booze. J

At the literacy signing many First Line Contestants came by to say hello.  All with smiles on their faces whether they were still in or out until the next contest.

One trend permeated this conference for me.  Friendliness.  Granted I had a lot of friends go, and many acquaintances, but every time I turned around there was someone with a smile to greet me.  Yes, there were a few dragons and you ladies know exactly who you are and shame on you, but the pleasant folk far outnumbered the shrews. 

My Crime in Mind workshop that I did with Rae was a success. 100 plus attendees, standing room only.  Lots of people stayed after with questions and I have been receiving emails since, thanking me and asking a question or two. 

Things I learned.  From a Borders book buyer:  Paranormal is hot hot hot, and a good selling story, despite the genre, boils down to the characters.  Erotic romance is hot hot hot, and readers want an HEA.  Historicals are rebounding, and will always hold a solid respectable place in the romance market.  Romantic suspense: going strong.  Vamps are hot but the market is glutted with them.  Warner is the only NY publisher not running with erotic romance.

I chatted with Adam from Virgin Books for quite awhile in one of the little lounge areas of the hotel.  I was most impressed with his desire to stamp his line of erotic romance with integrity.

He said he is, “a writer’s editor.” He is also a writer himself, and is looking to build his American author base.  I really liked this guy and felt an innate trust of him.  We chatted for a good half an hour uninterrupted and quite candidly.  I was later to find out the women were panting and shrieking in his wake.  I can see why, he is handsome and has that glorious accent.  J

I plan to email him as I said I would to find out more about what he wants.  I didn’t attend the panel he was part of, (I was sleeping) but when I get more info I’ll be happy to post here. In the mean time check back as I remember nuggets of info and keep an eye on your favs for the next round of the First Line Contest.

Ciao for now,



  1. Cece

    I think Black Lace posts guildelines on their website as well as titles and deadlines for upcoming anthologies (they do short story anthos like Sex on Holiday which yours truly is in 😉 ). You can also find their guidelines on the Erotica Readers and Writers Asso. website. Welcome home!!!!!!!

  2. Edie Ramer

    Good info, Karin! Glad your workshop was a success, but I never doubted that it would be. I’m so sorry I missed this year, especially seeing Rae get her award. She sent me her acceptance speech (you told me to ask! lol), and graciously gave me permission to put it up on my MagicalMusings blog tomorrow.

  3. Theresa


    Thanks for taking the time to post National news for us. It’s the next best thing to having actually been there.

  4. Karin

    Is Adam your editor, Cece? I was quite intrigued by his passion for his work, and his determination to keep it ‘quality’ not quantity.

  5. Tracey

    Wow – sounds fantastic. I am looking forward to going one year. We have our Australia National Conference next week – so very excited about that. It’s my first ever conference.

  6. Cece

    Naw….he took over when Kerri Sharp (my ed) left. I’ve tried three times to sell him something with no luck LOL

  7. Elisabeth

    Really enjoyed meeting you in person at the literacy signing, Karin. You are just as sweet and saucy in person as you are on the blogs. 🙂 Thanks for all the great advice, too.

    I saw you chatting with “Adam” when I was passing through the lobby. I do remember wondering who that hunky guy was who had your undivided attention. 😉

  8. LaDonna


    I meet ya in the food court, when someone pointed you out. I thought, God she’s lucky. lol. In appearance and height. Here I am 5′, and you’re right where a gal should be, looking over the crowd eye-to-eye, not arm-pitt level. Can’t wait to meet Edie too one day. I think, not sure, but think we decided I shall be taller!

    LaDonna 🙂 Missed Adam. Hmmmm, I was probably crunched among the masses, trying to find air. See what I mean?

  9. LaDonna

    Too funny! I “meet” ya in above sentence. Okay, haven’t had coffee yet. Explains everything. Duh, I can write.

    LaDonna 🙂

  10. Karin

    Elizabeth, thank you for the compliments. I just did an interview and one of the questions I was asked was, “What is the nicest thing another author has said to you?” I had to think about it, and answered, “I’m so glad youre not a bitch.”
    I wish I read your comment first,I would have quoted you. And yes, Adam did have my undivided attention. Other than the obvious he is highly intelligent and passionate about his work. It’s what keeps my husband in my good graces. I’ve always said the sexiest part of a man is his brain.
    LaDonna, I think we all have Edie beat in the height department! Next conferecne grab a pair of stilettos!

  11. Edie Ramer

    Yes, you all have me beat in height. And stilettos don’t fool anyone when you’re only four foot ten. LaDonna, next year I’ll see you in Dallas. 🙂

  12. LaDonna

    Edie, I hope you’re right about Dallas! So far, I’ve gone to those within driving distance. Maybe I’ll be contracted by next year, and can write it off at year’s end! lol. One can only hope. Is that how it works?

    LaDonna 🙂

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