August 24, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments

A certain hot cop I know, let’s call him Officer Friendly, has graciously agreed to join us here every Wednesday for an informal Q&A.  The way it will work is for those of you who have a question pertaining to law enforcement, and this can include opinion questions, can email me at (right now, the email is whacky, I can read the emails but not respond from that addy) with a question by the Monday before the Wednesday he will be answering. I will pick one or two and pass them along to Officer Friendly who will post the questions and answes on Wednesdays. 

Comments are welcome, and let me just forewarn you, this particular cop is extremely opinionated and his dry wit can at times come across, hmm shall we say scathing?  His opinions on opinion questions will not be everyone’s and while I have asked him not to engage in any flame wars should the opportunity arise, I ask the same of you.  If you ask his opinion as opposed to a procedural question, where there is a set of standards, be prepared to accept his opinion, not argue it.  That said you are free to ask him why he thinks what he thinks if he hasn’t expressed it in the answer. 

So, beginning next week Officer Friendly will be open for business.   Now get those questions in.  Put cop question or something to that effect in the subject line.

Also, I have two entrants who have not submitted their 10 pages for Lauren.  You have until midnight tomorrow night.  Chop chop ladies!





  1. LaDonna

    LOL, Officer Friendly? Okay, this is seriously becoming my favorite place to hang, Karin. I have a few blogs I have to visit daily, and yours is one. I’ll have to dig through my projects, see which ones have questions dangling! What fun, and we’ll all learn something in the process.

  2. Karin

    LaDonna, don’t be shy to ask a tongue-in-cheek question. Those are the ones he is best at answering.
    Glad you like it here.

  3. Theresa


    This is just perfect. Thanks go out to both you and officer friendly. (like we don’t know who that is. lol) I’ve got several questions I’ve been saving to ask my local law enforcement guys.
    But this will be so much more fun!


  4. Hubby

    Hey! You wanna clear this with me first?

  5. Karin

    I have! You don’t remember?

  6. raine

    Officer Friendly and I are gonna become well acquainted, lol! 🙂

  7. Heather W

    FABULOUS! My newest book has some substantial law enforcement and I’ve been wondering if I’m doing it right. Must prepare a question!

    Did the two entrants get their pages for Lauren in?


  8. Hubby

    Heather ask away! As of yesterday afternoon I had 4 of the 5 finalists’ pages. For some reason this am I am unable to access that email addy. I’m going to try later.

  9. Karin

    ooops, I was on hubby’s puter when answered.

  10. Cece

    Yeah for Officer Friendly!!

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