Scent u-ous contest question number two:

What is Ty’s mother’s name? Don’t forget to post your answer to the first question in the comment section of that post. And your answer to this question in the comment section of this post. I’ll be off line for the rest of the weekend. Football tonight, and tomorrow I leave for a writer’s retreat. I would have left today, but can’t miss my boy’s game tonight. Have a great one everyone and good luck in the contest! Ciao, K*… Read more »

It’s Cop Talk Live!

Hi Officer Friendly, I read about so many woman being killed by their abusers when they finally get up the nerve to leave them. It doesn’t seem that there’s anything they can do, except leave the state and live under an assumed name. What are any effective steps you think a woman should take? Besides killing him first. Domestic Violence occurs among all ages, genders, races, religions, educational backgrounds, and socioeconomic groups. The actual act occurs when a family member, any family member, partner or ex-partner, attempts to physically or psychologically dominate or harm another. In most states, for the… Read more »

Let the Scent-u-ous contest commence!

Wanna smell good? Then read on! So the Scent-u-ous Contest is officially under way. The rules are simple. Over the next 10 days or so (it could be more or less, I am in revision mode and have less than 3 weeks to complete substantial rewrites) I will post four questions. The answers can be found on my website(you’ll have to dig) or in the pages of GOOD GIRL GONE BAD. Some are trick questions, so you must pay attention. You must answer in comments. Your answer must be in the comment section of the question post you are answering… Read more »

The par-tay is in the can!

It was so much fun. Lots of excited readers, countless friends and family, and so many new faces. My head is still spinning. The restaurant did a fabulous job. Kelly my girl, you were awesome, thank you for doing such an outstanding job. I can see why my daughter is so good at what she does. You trained her well. The food was excellent and while it was early, 2 pm PST, it was five o’clock somewhere, and the ladies were taking full advantage of it. Martinis runneth over. (Veronica, you are a naughty girl.) I could not have asked… Read more »
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