We interrupt this blog for football season!!!!!

September 3, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

Yay! Rah Rah Rah Shish Boom Bah! It’s begun!

Number one son had his first game yesterday. They lost to New Mexico. 🙁 Number two son had a four team scrimmage Friday night under the lights, and my boy who is the starting strong safety and starting on all special teams and one of four sets of running backs looked excellent! The kid is a natural athlete. I love watching him run with the ball, jukeing, spinning and jumping over linebackers as they dive for his knees. I call him the Artful Dodger. I love watching him on defense, hunker down and read the offense, readjust himself and other players then go in for the kill. It is a true thing of beauty. His passion for the game is contagious, and he feels on top of the world when he makes a hit or carries the ball.

For my oldest boy, who plays center, he doesn’t get the glory. As a linemen he never has. Nevermind the O linemen are the smartest players on the field and the Center is the guy who runs the offense. No O line? Then you got nuttin’. It takes a mean ass D-linemen to get to the QB when number one son is on the field.

Hubby is doing what he loves as much as he loved being a cop. He coaches. The kids love him, the parents love him, and he loves the game. He comes home exhausted but exuberant. We are lucky both of us to being doing what we love.

Do any of you remember the scene in APOCALYPSE NOW, when Robert Duvall is striding on a beach in Viet Nam, jets are flying overhead dropping barrels of explosives, and invigorated Duvall says, “God, I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

Well, that’s me. “God, I love the smell of football in the fall.”

Okay, off the football cheer. I just wanted to let you know what time of year it is for me, and where you can find me if you come looking.

Tomorrow I’m going to chat about conflict between the h and h, and take a poll that may interest us all. The results I think may have a direct affect on the level of conflict our characters are challenged with in our stories.

In the meantime, write on.


  1. Theresa

    Your family is lucky, Karin.

    Not just that there is so much love between all of you, but that you actually enjoy and support eachother’s hobbies.

    My family is not a football family. Except for my younger brother who loves it. I always felt sorry for him sitting down there in the rec room watching the games by himself. He yell for one of us to come in and “watch this play” and one of us would wonder in, dutifully glance over at the T.V. (without actually seeing it) murmmer something and wander back out again.

    Eventually he married a girl who loved football as much as him. He had seven girls though, so no sons to watch play. I think he would have loved having a boy in the game.

  2. Michelle Diener

    You lost me somewhere in the middle, there, Karin, but I’m happy you’re happy 🙂

  3. Karin

    Theresa, we are lucky. Don’t get me wrong, we are a passionate bunch who have had some knock down drag out sessions, and will no doubt continue to fight the good fight, but we all love football. Even the girls. They fight over the Raider tickets and who is going with daddy.
    I’m so happy for your brother! True love is one who loves what you love.
    Michelle, lol, glad you got the gist of it. 🙂

  4. LaDonna

    Karin, I’m happy your favorite season is here! The only comparison I have is my seven-year-old grandson, Hunter, and baseball. I haven’t missed a practice or game…except once when I was at a writing conference. Doesn’t count. lol.

  5. Karin

    LaDonna, I love watching my son play baseball as well. I think what I love so much is his competitive spirit. When they love it, how can we not love watching them love it?

  6. LaDonna

    God, you got that! I just got teary thinking of his face light up, me there with my hands over my mouth thinking please hit the ball, honey. I want it for you so much! Ah, isn’t love grand?

  7. Natalie J. Damschroder

    Karin, you have at least one blog reader who gets it! I’m an NFL fan rather than high school–my girls refused to play football, no matter how hard we tried. But they are coming around as spectators–my older one screamed at the TV during the SuperBowl (That was NOT A TOUCHDOWN!!!) and the little one can’t wait to go to the local high school game on Friday.

    I also got the reference to positions. I think the O-line is respected (or not) as an entity. They either do a good job as a whole or not, and personal ability is less noticed. Good for your son for being one of the unsung heroes, and the most important guy on the field!

  8. Karin

    :)))) LaDonna. Love is very grand! I can’t wait for grandchildren. I have two grandpuppies!
    Natalie, September 10th, baby!
    About girls playing footbal, hmmm, I have mixed feelings there. But I have a funny story. A few years ago when hubby was the head coach of the freshman team and number two son was part of that team a six foot tall blondie showed up one day to ‘try out’. Hubby about lost his spleen right there on the field. His worse nightmare had come true! You would have thought she was naked the way the boys went gaga over here. Of course hubby allowed her to participate. That night I asked my son, “So, how did the girl do?” His face twisted into a disgusted look, and he said, “She *skips*.” lol, the girl part didn’t bother him the skipping part did.
    Next day the local newpaper shows up. Now hubby is furious, because not only did the boys, some 70 of them, not pay attention the day before, but now the press shows up. He can see the beginnings of a three ring circus. He takes his coaching seriously and now because a cutie pie decided she wanted to ‘play football’ his practices were going to shit. He was on the verge of closing the practices to spectators. But luckily Goldielocks didn’t show up that day, or any other days. She would have been a huge distraction amongst 70, 14-15 year old boys.That in a nutshell was hubby’s biggest worry. The distraction not the fact a player was a girl. Now, before you think I’m agaisnt girls playing football, the year before that there was a gal who tried out for the JV team. She was good. Real good. I was routing for her to make the team, and so were her teammantes. Unfortunaltely she never made it through the summer practices. I was afraid for her though if she did make the team because while the boys gouge, pinch, poke and bite in a pile on, the last thing I wanted to happen was for our girl to get mauled by the opposing teams. I knew it would have happened. Not every player out there is a gentleman. And if it had happened then her teammates would have retaliated and then there would be a bigger problem.

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