Please Welcome the Incomparable, Josie Brown!!!

September 18, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 17 comments

Choose ME. Love ME. Read ME… (Oh yeah: and the go tell all your friends to do the same…)

This a really big week for our Divine Ms. K. Not only has her book, GOOD GIRL GONE BAD, debuted, and then hit #407 on the Barnes & Noble list, we’ll all be celebrating the book at her launch party this Saturday (In case you’ve just crawled out of a bomb shelter and don’t already know, it’ll be at Grazie’s from 2-4pm, 621 1st Street, in Brentwood, CA; and P.S.: that’s nowhere NEAR LA, but up in NorCal…)

Release dates, launch parties, and instore booksignings are heady happenings for an author who has put her heart and soul into her manuscript, found an agent and and editor who happens to love it as much as she did, then gone through the year-long process of birthing it into a published book. In essence, her book’s launch date is its birthday. And as its very proud mommy, she wants her friends–and total strangers, for that matter!–to love it as much as she does…

Which is why authors go through that very public gauntlet known as the booksigning.

Hopefully, our signings are well attended, and the few words we say about our books are witty enough to motivate all who attend to open their wallets and fork over the necessary coin of the realm to the kindly bookseller who hosted the event. You may find it hard to believe, but a signing is a birthing process in its own right.

Recently a newly-published author asked me what she should do in order to make her very, very first signing a success. I guess she figured that, since I had set up a 15-market book tour for my last novel, I might know a little something about it, right?

Maybe a little. But trust me, I’m still learning. One thing I can tell you, though for sure: every signing will be different. And another thing: No matter how much planning you do, something will ALWAYS go wrong.

What I told my newbie novelist friend can be read on my website (; Heck yeah, that’s a blatant plug….but then again, I’ve got a book coming out soon, too, and I want you to read all about it!). And if you’re excited for Karin and the newest edition of her literary family, here are three reasons to go to a book signing near you, be it Karin’s (that’s a blatant plug for her), or another author whose work you love:

Reason #!: Booksignings are happenings, so go make the scene! I wish I had been old enough to go to Woodstock, or to have pushed my way into Ed Sullivan’s studio when the Beatles made their American TV debut. There is a wonderful group dynamic that takes place at a rock concert, because you’re connecting with the musicians while they are doing their thing, and with the people who are just as turned on as you are, to the music.

That said, I also wish that I’d been around to hear some of my fave authors read from their books, before they passed on: Mark Twain, Edith Wharton, Margaret Mitchell, Nancy Mitford, Graham Greene…If I had lived during their times, I would have kicked myself if I hadn’t tried to meet them …

And that’s why I go to as many booksiginings as possible.

Reason #2: A booksigning is the only place in which you’ll meet the person who made your favorite characters come to life.
I’m not the first person to say this, and I won’t be the last: writing is a lonely profession. What makes it worthwhile to those of us who do it is the chance to hear others tell us that they actually read our books–and best yet, love what they read. Yep, making you laugh–or for that matter, cry–is what inspires us to keep at it. So come tell us that we’re doin’ a heckuva job!

Reason #3: Booksignings are master classes on the craft of writing. I’ve never given, or attended, a signing where would-be writers didn’t pepper the author with very intelligent questions about their writing process. And here’s a shocker: I’m always surprised at some answer that is given, even when it plops out of my own delicate mouth. Why? Because every author follows a unique process in writing their books. And because we are flattered that you asked, our answers are usually honest and insightful.

After all, we don’t want to pull any punches with the people who love our babies . . . .

Love me, love my book,
Josie Brown

Josie is the author of TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES. Her newest book, IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED, will be in bookstores on 11/21/06. And she wants you ALL there at the christening!




  1. LaDonna

    Hi, Josie, nice meeting you here! I plan on checking out your website too. I enjoyed your booksigning overview, and look forward to the experience one day. Wish I could make it to Karin’s party Sat. but TN isn’t exactly an afternoon drive. One day maybe. Take care ladies, and have fun!

  2. Karin

    I guess it is a bit of a drive from TN, LaDonna. You’ll be there in spirit though.
    Raine, signings really aren’t that bad. In fact I enjoy them. Especialy when you have good friends signing along with you.

  3. raine

    Best of luck to BOTH of you ladies. 🙂

    Book signings? I would be TERRIFIED!

  4. Tracey

    I’d love to come too – but unfortuatly I don’t have a current passport. And I never could get my head around leaving today and flying back into yesterday (little time zone joke there – yeah I know very little). But hey – I’ll be there in spirit too. Hope you have a ball Karin – snd I am going to check in with my favouite bookstore here and make sure they are getting some in.

  5. Tracey

    Hey get what – My favourite book store owner is going to get in some copies to Good Girl Gone Bad – yay. Now I don’t have to order from Amazon.

  6. Karin

    I’ll be wishing all of my blogging buddies were sipping wine and making merry with me Sat. I’ll take pictures. Well, hubby will. I’ll post them.
    That’s great you can get them local, Tracey. Which store? I know a few down your way are stocking GGGB.

  7. Karin

    I sent her book marks and pens! What is her name?

  8. Amanda

    Josie, great to ‘see’ you here. Great booksigning info. Karin says you are “the woman” who knows all this stuff, so thanks for sharing.

  9. Josie Brown, author, IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED

    Hi, LaDonna! What part of Tennessee? I was in Memphis last October, on my book tour…Had a BLAST at the Hard Rock there, and our sponsoring bookstore was the Germantown B&N (Hi, Mark, if you’re reading this!)…Hey, I’m gonna talk Karin into a Southern Tour (Lucy and Ethel hit the road) so maybe we’ll make it up to the “three states of Tennessee” and have you host us for some of those dry ribs! (this, from a pescaterian, LOLLOL!)

    Tracey, I just recently got my passport renewed, so maybe we’ll come to YOU (LOL!) I really glam’ed up for the photo–and freaked out when I saw that the little old lady behind the Post Office counter pull out an old-fashioned camera, shove me up against a mustard-colored wall, and take my picture in florescent light (euwwyuck!) Well, to my surprise, it’s the best government photo I’ve ever had taken. Makes me wanna travel, just to show it off. So you never know…..

    Yo, AMANDA! Miss ya, doll! Hope you’re keeping Karin from climbin’ the walls. Because you’re the zen mistress, I know she’ll be okay…

    So, thank you all for your kind words! / Josie

  10. Josie Brown, author, IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED

    Hi, Raine! Believe me, I was petrified at my very first signing, which was out of town. It’s like throwing a party, and not knowing any of the guests who show up! Thank Gawd I didn’t have to read at it! But now I look forward to readings, because I realize that it’s the best way in which to introduce readers to my characters. I love saying their words out loud. They are like old friends, their words like fond memories…

  11. Karin

    And she reads so well, especialy when she turns on the British accent. (a character from TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES, think Collin Farrel)

  12. LaDonna

    Hey, Josie, it’s north of Nashville, outside of Clarksville. And what the hay is Pescateria? lol.
    Webster doesn’t claim it–yep, I looked. If you don’t know, find out right?

    Karin, have you landed yet?

  13. Karin

    LaDonna, it means she only eats fish. No red meat. She’s a PIA to cook for.
    and LaDonna, I had to land, I am now up to my arm pits in revisions. It’s for my medieval and it can be very slow. My brain has to think differently.

  14. Josie Brown, author, IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED

    Hey! I resemble that remark, so WATCH IT!! LOL!

    In fact, Karin makes the best shrimp-on-the-barbie that I have EVER had….

    Hmmmm….Now there’s an idea! Maybe her next book should take place in Australia….Hey, K, when you go down under to do the research, I’ll tag along, even if I have to tote your bags for you!

    LaDonna, love to hear it when someone says “Hey” instead of “Hi”….then I know that I’m home in the South!

  15. LaDonna

    Yep, I love hey too! Also, Australia bag toting sounds fun, Josie!

    Karin, I didn’t know you wrote medieval too? Ah, I’m starting to feel like I’m genre challenged here. lol.

  16. Karin

    LaDonna, let us just say I am making an attempt.

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