Mi vida loca!

September 23, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

I just got in from one of the most exciting footballs games I’ve ever been too. We tied the number 3 ranked team in Nor Cal. My throat is raw from screaming and my hands ache from so much clapping.
It’s the end to a very busy day.

I did revisions on my medieval and got those off at about 2 am this morning to my agent. Spent the morning on the phone with my editor chatting about revisions for SKIN, and she told me she would do her best to finish reading all of the contest finalist by next week. She also sent me a prezzy. The jpeg of the cover for SKIN. I can’t figure how to put it in this post, but if you go click the book link or the homepage link on my site and scroll down you can see just how damn sexy Pocket can get. I’m very pleased.

Tomorrow is my big launch party and signing. I’m really excited. Sunday is my youngest daughter’s birthday, and I’ll be tied up most of the day. We’re having a big family celebration, at a restaurant, thank god, but cocktails and munchies at the house before hand. Monday I begin the revisions on SKIN in earnest. I have 3 weeks to do them, and the revisions are substantial. Lots of culling and a few scenes reworked. But when you cull, you have to go back and fix everything else to match it. No biggy.

My editor is smart and she made some great suggestions.
I love the fact she is brutally honest and up front with me, and wants the best book out of me possible. I told her from the get go, she can beat me up and spit me out, I’m not afraid of revisions. Hell, I’ll rewrite the entire book. But that isn’t the case. Lauren really loves Reese and Francesca, so that is huge. I hope she feels the same about the revised version my medieval. I hope to have some great news there soon.

Okay, it’s late and I have an early call tomorrow. I’m going to have hubby take lots of pictures at the signing and will get those posted. You may see a familiar face or two!


  1. Amanda

    Whoa baby, what a hot cover! Those are very manly hands wrapped around her. Congratulations!!

  2. Kristi

    Here’s to a GREAT launch/signing! Wish I could be there… 🙂

  3. LaDonna

    Karen, my favorite cover by far! It’s the guy’s hands touching skin. No doubt about it! Wowza! And the blurb sounds great. I love mafia books. Can’t wait.

    Your football game sounds wild! Also, have fun tonight with cocktails and dining. It’s my grandson’s b-day today too! He’ll be having rootbeer and pizza. lol

    And ya know, when you were talking about revisions with Lauren it made perfect sense. Not only will it be wonderful being published one day, but I think I’m looking forward to great input just as much! Revisions could take on a whole new light. 🙂

  4. raine

    That is a VERRA nice cover. 🙂

    Looks like you’re going to be very busy. Best of luck with everything!

  5. Elisabeth

    Wow, baby. Sizzling cover! I like. 🙂

    Hope the launch party was great fun. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  6. Edie Ramer

    I’m eager to see the pictures. It’s all good, Karin. 🙂

  7. Amanda

    The launch party was awesome. At times the crowd seemed overwhelming to me, but Karin stayed calm and gracious the whole time. She took time to talk to each person getting their book signed. Great day and great party.

  8. Karin

    I love the cover too!!! I can’t wait to see it as an actual cover.
    As Amanda said, the launch was awesome. I wish you all could have been there too. Lots of good food, yummy martinis and great people.
    Is everyone going to National?

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