Happy Halloween. So, as hubby carves the pumpkins into Jack o’ Lanterns, I’m upstairs in my office sipping another fresh cup of coffee, and loving life. I came to an epiphany today. With all of the talk on the loops and blogs about self doubt, numbers, print runs, reviews, digging deep for that character, and just all around keeping yourself motivated it occurred to me, any and all neurosis I have suffered to this point is 100% self induced. I have stressed over things in which I have absolutely no control. Here is what I do have control of: What… Read more »

Cop Talk Live!

Can you explain how an Internal Investigation works? What would trigger IA and what happens when a cop is ‘on the radar’? Internal Affairs is supposed to be how a police department polices itself. IA investigates complaints against police officers. These complaints can come from outside of the department (citizen) or from within (supervisor, fellow officer). The assumption should always be innocent until proven guilty but the opposite is often applied. When IA receives a complaint, it is their job to establish whether or not the complaint is valid and if there is any wrong doing on the part of… Read more »


EMPOWERING CHARACTERS’ EMOTIONS INSTRUCTOR: Margie Lawson, M.S. November 1-30, 2006 Cutoff date to receive registration and payment: October 30. Workshop Registraiton: $25.00 U.S.D. Empowering Characters’ Emotions: If you want to enhance characters’ emotions, learn the nuances of body language and edit for emotion, this is the workshop for you. The following topics will be addressed: The full range of nonverbal communication: Kinesics, Haptics, Proxemics, Facial expressions, Paralanguage . . . Proprioceptive stimuli, Involuntary physical responses Ideomotoric shifts Mirroring, Communication Accommodation Levels of intimacy, Love signals Nonverbal gender differences Emotional authenticity Backloading In-trancing the Reader The EDITS System Basic, complex,… Read more »

Need a webesite? Or maybe you need to clean yours up?

Justin Knupp of Stonecreek Media, (my most awesomest web designer) is giving an online class on what you need to know about websites. You need to register by Oct. 25 at Low Country Writers. If you’re thinking of starting a website, I recommend it. Here’s the blurb from the Low Country site: ** *November 2006 — From Beginners to Bestsellers – What You Need to Know About Websites Presented by: Justin Knupp Dates: 3 Week Workshop — Tues – Mon, November 7 – 28 Registration Deadline: October 25, 2006* Course description: Most people agree a website is a must for… Read more »

The call, and a call

🙂 haha, how is that for a play on words? Okay, so that good news I’ve been eluding to came Monday. I sold two historicals to Pocket. Whoo hoo! I would have mentioned it sooner, but we’ve been hammering out details all week long. I think we’re good to go. I’m looking at 2008 release dates. And the other good news is, I don’t have to write under a nome de plume. When I asked my agent about it she said, “No, we are building YOUR NAME.” Okay, got it. Now as far as a call goes, I’d like some… Read more »
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