Need a webesite? Or maybe you need to clean yours up?

October 23, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 0 comments

Justin Knupp of Stonecreek Media, (my most awesomest web designer) is giving an
online class on what you need to know about websites. You need to register
by Oct. 25 at Low Country Writers.

If you’re thinking of starting a website, I recommend it.
Here’s the blurb from the Low Country site:
*November 2006 — From Beginners to Bestsellers – What You Need to Know About
Presented by: Justin Knupp
Dates: 3 Week Workshop — Tues – Mon, November 7 – 28
Registration Deadline: October 25, 2006*

Course description:
Most people agree a website is a must for an author—often the single best
promotional tool. What many have a harder time figuring out is how to design
the most effective site. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire someone,
some basic knowledge on design, marketing and technology is necessary. When
you’re busy writing books, it’s easy to put your website on the back burner,
but your readers and potential readers could be looking for you online
today. This class will cover topics such as domain names, hosting, elements
of good graphic design, various web design software, website tips and common
mistakes. If you already have a website, there are plenty of tips to pick up
to make yours even more effective. Throughout the course, you’ll have the
opportunity to prepare the content for your website, so whether you build
your own or hire a professional designer, you’ll be ready to get online. At
the end of the class, you’ll have a completed site outline detailing site
concept, pages, content and graphical presentation. This document will be
perfect as a reference point for building your site yourself or to take to a
professional web designer.

Instructor bio:
Justin Knupp of Stonecreek Media, husband of author, Amy Knupp

I can’t recommend this company high enough.



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