And the winner is…

The winner of an autographed copy of IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE TIED is, drum roll please… Sharon/Maya! Yay, throwing confetti!! Congrats! You can thank number one son for picking your name. Next week, a copy if Jami Aden’s DELICIOUS!!… Read more »

Cop Talk Live!

Dear Officer Friendly, Can you tell us about your first arrest? Also, I recently was given a speeding ticket (I was not speeding!), and I want to fight it. Can you tell me how to get out of a traffic ticket in the courtroom? I’m going to assume flashing the judge is not prudent, especially if it’s a female. But are there any little tricks, you know loopholes that work? I’d have to see the flasher first, in the act, to know with any certainty if there was a chance of it working… But seriously, first and foremost, the court… Read more »

Tuesday Morning

While I admit that since I sold I have become more of plotter, I still pants it, a lot. I mostly pants my character’s GMC’s. No wait a minute, I take that back. I have rough GMC’s sketched out, but not fully. I allow that to happen in my writing process. Usually it happens but sometimes, as with SKIN, it took 3 times before I finally had a handle on it, and finally the hand of my editor to breathe real life into my heroine. I just kept trying to push her one way, and my editor is like, “Frankie… Read more »

Win a prize!

Win an autographed copy of Josie Brown’s latest release IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE TIED! All you have to do is comment this week. The more times you comment the more chances you have of winning. I’ll pick the winner noon Thursday, then have Josie inscribe the book I buy from her at our singing Thursday night, and pop it in the mail to the winner Friday! Now just so there arent random comments, I have a question for you. During the chaotic holiday time, what do you look forward to most? K*… Read more »

The day after

I feel like I weigh twice my normal weight, and just can’t seem to shake the yearning for a nap. Ah, tryptophane! I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. I did. No strife, no stress, no drama, just warm comfy family time, with a couple of close friends to join the food orgy. Since the family is so large these days, my mother-in-law who is usually saddled with preparing Thanksgiving dinner was looking for takers next year. And while I enjoy most of the family, and don’t mind spending a week in the kitchen, the family has grown so… Read more »
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