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November 1, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 6 comments

Dear Officer Friendly,
How often did you have to train? Like with your guns and other weapons and keeping up on fight moves. Do police departments send their cops to special schools to learn special skills? And are the SWAT guys the ass holes the movies portray them to be? Were you ever part of SWAT?

Most departments have a regular training schedule for their officers. We trained on a quarterly basis. Every officer had to qualify with their weapon on an annual basis as well as with any firearm they planned to carry off-duty. Quarterly training included firearms, impact weapons, hand-to-hand self defense and driver training. We were also in classroom situations to learn about new laws, communication skills and other pertinent information that impacted our jobs, including CPR and first aid.

Police departments do send their officers to special schools to learn specific skills. I attended such schools for narcotics training, interview and interrogation techniques, tactical communications and field officer training. Schools exist for every facet of law enforcement.

I was never a member of SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) or what we called SRU, Special Response Unit. Any of the assholes we may have had on SRU, were not assholes because of their SRU assignment.

If you are going to maintain an edge on the competition, you must be at the top of your game and train continuously. Practice does make perfect.

As struggling writers or even published writers, what do or can you do to maintain your edge?


  1. Karin

    Well, Ocifer, I read, a lot, it’s improtant to see what the best sellers are up to. I also take refresher writing and research courses.
    Then there is that oh so important hands on research. 😉

  2. Cece

    Besides reading, I try to keep writing (and I’m picking up more from TV and movies–maybe because I’m paying more attention). I believ writing is like learning to play a musical instrument or sing (where’s Jake 🙂 ) you get better with practice.

  3. Officer Friendly

    What about an Eglish Comp or Creative Writing class at the local community college? Do the RWA Chapters offer any type of work shops?

  4. Karin

    How do *you* know about RWA chapters, Officer Friendly? Hmmm?????
    I agree that English and creative wriitng classes are a good place to start, and RWA chapters certainly offer workshops, both in person and online.

  5. Lynne

    I also like writing challenges, such as contests where you have to follow a prompt and come up with a scene or short story under a deadline. You may not always get in-depth feedback from something like that, but pushing yourself to get a piece done on time is a learning experience.

  6. Edie Ramer

    Reading, keeping up on the market, taking online classes — all that helps me keep my edge. And I’m wondering what Karin means by “hands on research”. 😀

    I have another questions, Officer Friendly. On TV, the cops usually hate it when the FBI poke their noses into their cases. Is this true in real life?

    And how do you feel when a cop is dirty? I know how you feel about IA, but it does happen that sometimes power corrupts. We’ve had a couple cases in Milwaukee lately — one forcing women into having sex. The other brutality. How do you feel as a cop when that happens?

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